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  1. Well, I got the right ones from NAPA, they ordered the wrong ones first time around. Wish I woulda realized it awhile ago, but oh well. Lessons learned. The purpose of this car is to learn anyway.
  2. I'm thinking the ones from NAPA might be correct. The ones I originally bought were from NAPA but they aren't ribbed like those are. I'll have to go in and talk to them tomorrow. I didn't do disc brakes yet just because its cheaper to completely redo all 4 drums then it would be just to convert the front to disc. What still gets me though, is why does every site including NPD list front drums for the 73 as being 2 1/4" when the manual specifies 2 1/2"? This is interesting to me.
  3. Yeah, according to other websites with the Raybestos 1634R, they are 2 1/4.
  4. Nobody seems to sell 2.5" front drums for the 73 though, even though its what the manual specifies. Might I have to get 2 1/4 shoes and drums?
  5. Ahhh OK that makes sense. Never figured that 1/8" in the other direction too. Good to know these past months were most likely because the wrong drums were ordered. Wonder if NAPA will change them out still haha
  6. Yep I have tested without shoes and the drums go back further without the shoes. What gets me though is the old shoes are 2 1/2" for the front and that is what the 1973 Service manual specifies. The shoes are only wider than the drums by maybe 1/8" at most, otherwise they are both 2 1/2". Could this be a manufacturing error with the drums?
  7. With shoes: Without: Not sure what else I might take pictures of that would be helpful, I believe the last two show the problem pretty well.
  8. So I've done some figure outting today, as one does. With the shoes off, the spindle extends about 1 3/4" past the face of the drum. Shoes on, its about 1 1/2". Well there is the 1/4" I need. But I'm still not understanding how its not working, being that both parts are the size specified in the manual, same size as the old. Now, I have also seen that the shoes are actually about 1/16" bigger than the drums, but that should have nothing to do with my missing 1/4"? So I at least know its not the hub/bearings I suppose.
  9. They are new drums, so I have to put the old hub in the new drum with new studs.
  10. It fits over the shoes fine, it just doesn't go far enough back. Both the drums and shoes are the same size specified in the manual though.
  11. So I've been messing with this on and off now since I have started it, its been a couple months due to weather and work. Its looking like the only possible thing it could be now is that the drums/shoes are the wrong size. They are both 2.5", which is what I need according (I believe) to the manual and to NAPA. It's possible I could be reading the manual wrong though. (302)
  12. Nah I haven't messed with the roof yet, I'm still stuck doing some brake work right now. Thanks for the info though guys, I will keep it in mind.
  13. I know I started talking about this in another thread, but I cannot for the life of me figure out whats going on. Maybe its something similar I am overlooking, I don't know. A couple months ago I started redoing all four of my drum brakes on my 73 Coupe. After waiting for parts, starting a new job, dealing with rusty (understatement) brake lines, and a couple other things not going as planned, I was finally ready to finish up and take her on her first test drive last weekend. Or so I thought. I have the rear brakes completely finished, rear drums fit perfect. But when I went to put the front drums on, they didn't fit like they should. The old hub is in the new drums (had a shop press them out). They slide over the shoes just fine, thats not the problem. Both the new shoes and drums are 2.5", measured to be sure. I can put the hub on by itself and it fits fine, with the placement of the washer, castle nut, and the hole for the retaining pin sitting just where it should. But when I add the drum into the mix, it'll slide on with everything...but the studs aren't sticking out enough. They only come out maybe 60% of the length they should, but they aren't sitting where they were previously held in with the swedges. So I took all of that back off, put the hub in the drum and got it to where it should be, where the studs were previously swedged in. Put the assembly back on, but then the nut won't go far enough past the hole that the retaining pin goes into. I just don't know what else it could be. I can't find anything related online, I guess being that front drums aren't very common. I really appreciate any help you guys can provide, thanks for your time.
  14. Both the shoes and drums are 2.5", measured just to be 100% certain...I'm really not sure, I'm thinking it has something to do with the hub or lugs. If I use a wrench I can tighten the nut to get the drum in place where its technically supposed to sit, but it isn't right. It should slide right in place and I should be able to hand tighten the nut, but thats not the case. It looks like when I tighten the nut its just pushing the hub further out of the drum. Hopefully I'll be able to spend some time with it this weekend and see whats what.
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