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    Original owner 71 B1 mustang. Purchased 12/70. All documentation including build sheet.Full concours trailer restored. Original Autolite 4300D carb. Still fun and fast.
    Also own 2012 Boss 302 purchased new June 2011. Great handling even w/ live axil. Easy to drive fast but comfortable.


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    Ogden, Utah
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  1. I am happy to hear that nuestros amigos en Espaana apprciate a fine automobile no mater the origin. I would suggest that you look for you desired auto in the Hemmings or Mustang Club of America or Ebay. Buena Suerte
  2. How many original Boss 351 owners are using this website"

  3. Thanks for the inquiry. I try to drive it every 10 days-2 weeks. Fortunately, we can purchase Sunoco 100 octane fuel nearby. I do add fuel stabilizer to each tank. Attached are some pictures, including when my Bossd was brand new in 12/70. Notice no front spoiler and vintage Bronco in thwe background





  4. Interestingly the VIN of Mike429cj's B1 is one earlier than the VIN of my Boss (1F02R146446). How many miles does Jonnywrench's Boss indicate? When you say that it is all there, does it have the original Autolite 4300D carburetor, original distributor, space saver spare, rev limiter etc? Has the vehicle previously undergone an engine refurbishing/ Does it have the original camshaft? Ther is a lot to being "all there". Thank you for advising the forum of your vehicle.
  5. You could get a Marti report and locate the original owner who might be able to continue the string. Regarding the restoration, if you have the Autolite 4300 D carburetor, then the other items will be much less problematic to obtain. There are members following these posts that may well have the items you mentioned.
  6. Jim Smart wrote an article on my B1, including pictures, in the October 2012 issue of Mustang Monthly magazine.
  7. Original owner of my 71 Boss, built 12/1/70. Concourse trailer condition. Details available in article by Jim Smart in October 2012 Mustang Monthly magazine and in my profile. Will never part with it until....
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