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  1. I am happy to hear that nuestros amigos en Espaana apprciate a fine automobile no mater the origin. I would suggest that you look for you desired auto in the Hemmings or Mustang Club of America or Ebay.


    Buena Suerte

  2. 2 hours ago, Jonnywrench said:

    I have a Boss 351 that I bought from a guy named Gene in August 1978 in Springfield Missouri. Been stored since, am now retired and going to start refurbishing the ole gal. She’s silver and black; most important she’s all there🤠

    Interestingly the VIN of Mike429cj's B1 is one earlier than the VIN of my Boss (1F02R146446). How many miles does Jonnywrench's Boss indicate? When you say that it is all there, does it have the original Autolite 4300D carburetor, original distributor, space saver spare, rev limiter etc? Has the vehicle previously undergone an engine refurbishing/ Does it have the original camshaft? Ther is a lot to being "all there". Thank you for advising the forum of your vehicle.



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