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  1. Perhaps he controls the local prostitution trade?
  2. Is it my imagination, or does it look like he finished the back end by just stretching fiberglass mat over the body and kind of painting it on? Or do you think he used that as a mold?
  3. Short & simple; I like that.
  4. I dig the spare tire mounted on the front bumper.
  5. Bidding is up to $200,000. That's insane.
  6. Looks like a good starting point for a heavily-modified street car.
  7. Hey, sometimes you want to drive your Mach1, but you need an extra foot of ground clearance.
  8. Really?! Ink or the actual emblems? ::tease:: Or did you mean the car? ;) :D :cool: Ooops; I meant "on mine." Although if I were getting inked, that wouldn't be a bad choice.
  9. It appeared pretty recently. I wouldn't bother cutting quarter panels out of a car unless I planned on putting new ones in. One of these days I might stop in and ask about it. My brother cut a left quarter off a rust free California car and installed it on his Boss 302 because he didn't want to use a after market panel.He wanted the trunk drop off to look factory correct. Yeah, but this car definitely isn't rust free. The photo doesn't show it well (I didn't want to go wandering onto their property with my camera) but I can see the rust in the wheel well. My assumption is that the quarters were rusted out, which is common in MD.
  10. I've thought about putting a couple of Cobra emblems on me.
  11. I'd like to see a picture that shows the whole car with the spoiler. I like it - where did you pick up that spoiler?
  12. It appeared pretty recently. I wouldn't bother cutting quarter panels out of a car unless I planned on putting new ones in. One of these days I might stop in and ask about it.
  13. Spotted this near my house recently . . . no fenders, no doors, no interior, quarter panels cut off. Looks like someone has started a project. It's white with blue sills, so I'm guessing it's a '72.
  14. It would be a lot less work to get a similar look by taking a set of stock taillights and masking them off, then using black spray paint to create the lit center and outer ring effect.
  15. How about . . . a '72 FB (not Mach1) with the HO 351C engine, hood scoops, 4 speed, deluxe interior & gauge package, and fold-down seat. Black. Dual exhaust with chrome tips and throw a set of spoilers on it. I would omit AC.
  16. Maybe a former owner worked in construction or something. I can see somebody driving regularly where some excess wet concrete was spilled, and it splashes up under the car, and builds up over time where you can't clean it out. Maybe even built up in there as a powder and hardened over time through humidity, driving in rain, etc.
  17. Just a wild thought here - the price the guy is asking for that car in that condition is high; but if you happened to already have a good body shell that wasn't rusted, and you wanted to put the time & effort into turning that body shell into a finished Boss351 with a Boss VIN, you'd probably come out ahead, $-wise.
  18. I put halogen headlights in mine and replaced the headlight switch for the higher wattage. The headlights were just a pop-in replacement, and the switch was a pretty easy swap, too.
  19. This wasn't me, but when I worked at a boatyard we sent a marine V8 out for a rebuild. We put it back in the boat and the owner came back later, saying that he wasn't getting much power from his left engine (big boat - had two V8s, each driving one prop). So we got in there and listened to it, and when we pulled off a head, found the socket that had been left in a cylinder when the machine shop put it together.
  20. "Everybody's entitled to their opinion, I guess".
  21. I had an old scrap car once without a title. Asked my local sheriff's dept. what I would need to do to junk it and they said they could issue a certificate to take with it to the junkyard. But just for fun I used a sawzall on it and cut it into pieces small enough to put in the metal recycling bin at my local dump. Just took one chunk with me each time I went.
  22. I had a '70 Honda motorcycle with no title, and found a place in Georgia, I think, that got me a Georgia title with a bill of sale. Then I took that to my state's DMV and traded it for a title in my state. Something like that might work for you, with a little google searching.
  23. Cool. I have a fiberglass bumper - had to make my own brackets because I don't think they had aluminum brackets when I got my bumper.
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