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  1. Here's what mine looks like. The blue wire is attached to neg batt post from the gray box. The other side of the box (right side) has a multi wire connector plugged into it like yours. Wondering if yours isn't grounded?
  2. I installed my LED's last week. Snapped a photo once I had the driver's side completed to show the difference from the stock bulbs even during daylight. BIG difference. I ordered mine last fall from CJ and didn't get around to installing until warmer weather. Mine are the non-sequential version. Mrsandman23
  3. '73 351C-2V with white top and ginger interior, C-6 automatic. Painted red, ordered with special paint/special paint/trim code
  4. New to the forum. New owner of a 1973 convertible with 351c-2V. Former owner (my first car) of a 1978 Mustang II Ghia.
  5. Big THANK YOU to Ole Pony for the post. I'm following suit and cleaning up the wiring in this area as well. Super helpful ideas from several of you on this post. Here is how mine looks after the cleanup. I found that an art brush worked well to apply the dielectric grease.
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