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    72 mach one 351 Cleveland, 95 eagle talon awd 744hp@38psi, 95 eagle talon fwd, is nismo titan.


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    Monmouth oregon
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  1. I was just curious as to the value of the q code. mine is a Q and I have had it apart and verified those.
  2. the the q code really make it that much more valuable?
  3. she is not complete yet, as i said... im no body guy. it is just in epoxy primer until i can have a real body shop perfect it and paint it.
  4. sorry this took so long. had to transfer a lot of pictures from my phone to laptop.
  5. thats great advice. I actually ended up applying stripper the the entire thing on one side jist to look for that. I didn't find rust on the panels, but I did on the hood underneath previous paint
  6. yes, I took lots of pictures. I will upload all of them
  7. thanks alot man. I really like the new fuel Injection system in this engine. has amazing power and response.
  8. not sure what you mean about back spacing. if I go with much larger tires in the rear I will have to roll the fenders some
  9. just finished doing all the wheel bearings and rotors and finnaly sat her on the ground with the new shoes. looks really good. can't wait for it to stop raining here in Oregon so I can break in these new tires properly
  10. The seal is still inside the axle housing. But the retainer ring looks slightly different than what came with my new bearing
  11. yes, I already have the seals. and I have already cleaned up the sealing journal on the axles. I was just asking about the spacer/ collar. so the bearing should slide down until it stops and then the collar goes against it to hold it I'm assuming.
  12. I I heard a funny noise after I awoken the beast.... so I'm replacing all the wheel bearings. fronts are straight forward and simple. but the rears... I popped out an axle to make sure I got the right stuff. I'm noticing that the new bearings came with a spacer that looks different in appearance than the original spacers, but might still be correct. I got front inner and outer and front seals. and rear bearings, seal and backing plate gaskets. here is the comparison of what I have vs what I bought. I know these spacers are pressed on and I will have the machine shop do that.
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