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  1. Anyone know why Mustangs Unlimited went kaput? Living in the northeast, they made for very convenient shopping....
  2. There is another decal that people seem obsessed with and which DID NOT come from the factory...…...the CAUTION: FAN decal on the fan shroud.
  3. UPDATE: Just picked one up on ebay…..
  4. I do have courtesy lights and they work fine
  5. Anyone have or know a where I can obtain a wiring harness for my '71 Mustang console clock. Clock works great on the bench but when I plug it into the wiring harness am lucky if it runs for a day.....don't know what else it could be.
  6. Just bought a decal at CJPP.....Price for decal was $7.99.....cheapest shipping was $6....wrote to them to say they could have sent it for the price of a postage stamp in an envelope......was told to basically pound sand.
  7. I agree about those interiors.....I am the original owner of a Boss 351 and really love the exterior of the "new" Mustangs. Although I have been tempted numerous times to buy a new one I just cannot bring myself to lay out that kind of money and have to look and live with the interior. CRAP!
  8. When I picked up my Boss from the dealer he did not even know that the front spoiler was in the trunk.....drove the car home and put it on myself!
  9. Anyone know where I can obtain a 160 degree high flow thermostat for my B1? Checked out Mustangs Unlimited, CJ Pony Parts etc... and cannot find one. Thanks much in advance...….Jim
  10. Sure you could......the longer you have it the more attached you become....have had a number of offers but have not received one I couldn't refuse....
  11. Thank you all for your kind posts......I did in fact purchase it having never seen one or driving one. Over the summer of 1970 I was sitting in the barracks at Fort Jackson S.C. having come home from Vietnam and a group of us were passing around magazines. The car magazine I was handed showed the prototypes of what the Boss 351 would look like if Ford built it. Then and there I had to have one. When I was discharged Christmas week of 1970 I went to every Ford dealership in my area and nobody had one in the showroom or on the lot so......on Christmas Eve as a present to myself for surviving I
  12. Have had her since the day she was born! image uploader
  13. Can someone explain to me which types of fuses are used on a 1971 Boss 351 i.e. SFE, AGX etc. The vehicle uses 4, 14, 15, 20 amp fuses but is it for example 20 SFE or 20 AGX? Does it even matter?? thanks so much
  14. Posted this in another section also......anyone know where I can find the wiring for my 1971 console clock? Also need the receptacle the clock plugs into....thanks
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