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  1. Sure you could......the longer you have it the more attached you become....have had a number of offers but have not received one I couldn't refuse....
  2. Thank you all for your kind posts......I did in fact purchase it having never seen one or driving one. Over the summer of 1970 I was sitting in the barracks at Fort Jackson S.C. having come home from Vietnam and a group of us were passing around magazines. The car magazine I was handed showed the prototypes of what the Boss 351 would look like if Ford built it. Then and there I had to have one. When I was discharged Christmas week of 1970 I went to every Ford dealership in my area and nobody had one in the showroom or on the lot so......on Christmas Eve as a present to myself for surviving I went to Sarat Ford in Agawam Ma and ordered one. It was the first time I had even seen a brochure on the vehicle so had to imagine what the color combination would look like. It is numbers matching and does in fact have 31,000 miles on it. Original interior and glass and even the original dealer tag and except for the tires and headers looks exactly as she did when she came off the truck.
  3. Have had her since the day she was born! image uploader
  4. Can someone explain to me which types of fuses are used on a 1971 Boss 351 i.e. SFE, AGX etc. The vehicle uses 4, 14, 15, 20 amp fuses but is it for example 20 SFE or 20 AGX? Does it even matter?? thanks so much
  5. Posted this in another section also......anyone know where I can find the wiring for my 1971 console clock? Also need the receptacle the clock plugs into....thanks
  6. Anyone know where I can find wiring for my console clock? Also am in need of the receptacle that plugs into the clock....thanks
  7. Here is my Boss....ordered it new on Christmas Eve 1970 after coming home from service....31000 original miles
  8. I use 15-40 Diesel in mine and have had absolutely no problems.
  9. Am the original owner of a Boss 351 and I state categorically that the argent paint WAS NOT applied over the body paint. When the argent on my lower quarters began to fade it was primer that showed thru....
  10. As an original owner, I ordered my Boss on Christmas Eve 1970. I can state with absolute certainty that I was not provided with any other ratio options other than the 3.91....
  11. Thanks much gentlemen.....I greatly appreciate you taking the time to assist me....Jim
  12. Do I need to use a sealant when installing rubber valve cover gaskets?
  13. Can't find your links Jason....
  14. I think it is silver zinc...
  15. Thanks much.....now where can I get a pair or the paint?????
  16. Looking to either buy a new set or paint my shock tower caps but all I can find for sale is chrome or black. Anyone help?? thanks
  17. I own a Boss 351 and want to either replace or paint my shock tower caps. It seems all I can find for new ones are either black or chrome but the Boss had a silvery colored cap....anyone help???
  18. Can someone suggest the best way to clean paint off an aluminum intake manifold without removing the manifold[/size]? My aluminum intake was painted blue for some reason and I want to take off the blue and get down to the original aluminum.
  19. Thank you gentlemen....you were correct.....2 screws above the ashtray, unhook wires and off it came.....
  20. I have a Boss 351 and am not sure if boot is the same as regular Mustangs/Mach 1.....You can get pretty close to original from Mustangs Unlimited or go to Hurst website. I have the original plate that came from the factory as I ordered the car new on Dec. 24, 1970.
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