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  1. I tried to get Cliff to rebuild my carb but he said his wait list was over a year long.  I finally gave up and installed a Holley sniper system.  No more anxiety on whether my car is going to stall and not restart, run rough or anything else.  

    glad to hear you finally got it running and I hope you were able to enjoy it.

  2. So I’ve removed my 1971 tilt column to replace my worn rag joint and I can’t re-install the column for the life of me.  I ended up installing the joint on the steering gear and I believe I’ve inserted the end of the column shaft into the rag joint but I can’t get it in the last inch or so.  I’m hesitant to use a mallet on the steering column as I’m not sure if I’ll damage anything.

    looking for some advice on how to proceed.

  3. IMG-0408.jpg


    I think I saw someone I know!!!


    Looked great btw! Hope to see you at the car show on Sunday. I won't be showing this year but I will be there in the morning.

  4. John,


    Car has come out great for sure.


    I've followed the Mustsng Craftsman on Facebook for a few years and have visited their facility twice as I have a few cars that will need restoration in the future and they are on my short list. One thing that your experience has confirmed for me is that it doesn't appear they are very knowledgeable on the details related to 71-73 Mustangs. I wouldn't say don't bring your vehicle there because of this but I would say be prepared to provide the details of what you expect. I can't remember seeing another 71-73 on their site or Facebook page in the time that I have been following them.


    I think your car will do well at the Dearborn show. Hopefully you bring it out so that a bunch of us can get together. Would also be nice to see you up at Mustsng Alley as they 71-73s were hard to come by on 9 mile.

  5. I looked the car over at the auction and it seemed like a pretty nice car.  All original muscle cars were down though so I don't think  anything about this car was to blame.  If you think that car was down check out the price of the LS6 chevelles.  They were WAY down!!  Most of the Shelbys were down as well.


    I think the non- original engine definitely hurt it but I believe the biggest issue was the demographics shift of who's buying.  Secondly I spoke to a few serious bidders and they felt that there's is some doubt about where the economy is going which was causing some people to spend less.  Lastly,  with the tax changes those who were bidding on the charity cars couldn't write off as much as they used to.


    My first time to BJ and it was overwhelming to be honest.  I will definitely be back.........

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