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  1. Then it's a good thing I didn't grab it now isn't it!! :)
  2. Does anyone have a spare tilt steering column for sale?
  3. You are definitely paying for the tool price but someone has to. I didn't see an issue with it and bought 2
  4. This car was built 10/4/71. I've never actually seen a confirmed Q code with factory ram air. Pretty cool!
  5. Has anyone ever seen a 72 Mustang with a Q code and factory installed ram air? Tell me they don't exist.........
  6. Ken - did you ever wish your Bendpak P-6 ever went any higher? I have the opportunity to pick up a slightly used on for about $800. Did you bolt it into the ground?
  7. Tony - which one did you end up buying Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Looking to pick up a scissor lift for the new garage and wondering if there is any update to this thread?
  9. Lots of nice touches! Bet it looks even better in person!
  10. I think it's like a do-dad but looser........
  11. That's VERay cool and amazing that it was still there!!
  12. I couldn't get the discount code LULU15 to work but the good news is that LULU30 worked for a 30% discount!! Thanks for including my car in the calendar!
  13. Is that a factory white with a white interior Mach 1? I can't say I've ever seen one of those! Good luck with the execution of the plan and start a rebuild thread!
  14. I wonder if he did have a change of heart after seeing that there was documented history of the car which contradicts what he has advertising. If so kudos to him. Also should mention that I love this site and the knowledge that's here.
  15. I just spoke to the guy selling the car and he says the add that Mark posted is fake!!!! He denied everything. I feel bad for the new owner.......
  16. i ended up buying one as the seller couldn't provide either it or the door tag info. I posted it under the Marti reports as I couldn't figure out how to post a .PDF here. He is also flipping the car and has owned it for less than a week.
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