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  1. Just wanted to follow up and say that the directions above worked perfectly. On the passenger side (since I was living up the windows why not do the passenger side too) it actually took a little longer to find the clip put I did find that it was much easier if you press the bezel towards the door as you try to release it. Also when removing the people switches I found the best way to remove them was just to place a finger on the top and bottom of the housing and rock it up and down until it came free. One of my wonderful reproduction switches disintegrated when I tried to install it which I'm kind of miffed about especially at $50 a pop but that's reproduction quality for you.
  2. Perfect Dave! This should be a sticky or how to as I couldn't find this explanation anywhere on the site!
  3. While working on my car today I dropped something in my door and now I need to remove the door panel to retrieve it. It looks like I need to remove the power window master switch bezel before I remove the door panel, correct? If that's correct is there a trick to removing it? TIA!
  4. I REALLY like the duct tape being used to patch the rust hole!
  5. This is also a GREAT intake for road racing! I had one on my Boss 302 and it was a beast!
  6. Tony, Any thoughts of putting a how-to together for the rear camera? Where did you mount the camera?
  7. A friend of mine who owns a dairy farm did have the money back in the day and people would come to his family to sell their muscle cars that no one wanted. At one time he owned at least 1 of every Shelby except the 66 convertible and owned over 15 Boss 429s. When I'd go out to his farm he had rows of Ford muscle cars lined up in a fenced in area and the nicer ones were in the barns. For an investment of less than $10k he had made over $2million Before he stopped counting. Scary part is that he still has quite a few cars left and is selling them off slowly so he can get the highest price possible. I remember back in the 80's I was looking for a part for my 428 CJ and he took me into a 40x100 shed that was filled to the top with racks of engines on pallets from cars he had bought and scrapped. It was pretty hard to put my head around even then and today I just laugh. This guy knew the late 60s-early 70s were a special time and he bought everything he could. I stumbled across him because his son belonged to a local mustang club and we became friends. The sons daily summer driver in the 80's was a different Shelby or Boss. I learned a lot about the high performance Fords from this family and really appreciated their passion for Ford products.
  8. A friend of mine is very familiar with the quadrajet and he said the exact same thing.
  9. Completed my 5 days of driving the car for Woodward Dream a Cruise activities and put appeox 475 miles on the car. What a great time but it was not without incidence: - I'm guessing this car hasn't been driven much in a number of years as the more I Dave it the better it was getting. - found that the car does not like stop and go traffic. After about 5 minutes of stop and go traffic is starts to run horribly and then stalls when put in gar. - I found that when you finally get the nerve to floor the car to see what's she's got you stand a good chance of blowing the heater core. - also confirmed that bypassing the heater core is pretty easy and can be done at a car show with smile tools. - Discovered that 71-73 mustangs are way more popular than I realized. I was shocked at the number of conversations that were started with the phrase I or someone I know used to have one of these and we never should have sold it...... - created a list to fill up my winter schedule with small little projects to work on - rediscovered the joy of driving an old car. I have decided to leave this car stock and just fix what needs to be fixed and it is quite liberating vs. worrying about every nick and scratch. - meet at least 5 forum members throughout the week and had some great conversations
  10. Mine has one on it and I think it looks awesome even if it doesn't do anything!
  11. Over the last 2 days I've been averaging 12-13 mpg with a 429cj, C6 and 3.25 gears
  12. Here's another one from my 96 mile round trip up to the Ford Romeo Proving Ground event for mustang owners.the
  13. Would you happen to have a set of black rear deluxe seat belts?
  14. Driving the car a lot this week and drove it through 4 rain storms yesterday. Was reminded that my 429CJ was ordered without traction lok at a number of stop lights!!! ?
  15. Off topic but did you ever buy that Boss 351 you were looking at?
  16. So I have had a pretty interesting 24 hrs with my car. Started yesterday afternoon when I got my tires replaced. Decided not to go with the repo wide ovals due to being double the price of the BFG radial TA's I just couldn't justify it on a driver. After that I cruised over to Woodward to meet up with some friends where I can into bumper to bumper traffic on the freeway. Car has a slight dead spot off idle but always catches and then goes except this time it got worse. Pulled off the freeway and limped onto a side street where I let the car sit for 20 minutes and then I could go about another 3-4 blocks before it started acting up again which was convenient since that was where I was parking. Had dinner at Duggans Irish pub and watched bumper to bumper classics roll by for 2 hrs then jumped in the car and drove home 35 miles with no issues (and no bumper to bumper traffic). Today I drove down to Watson Racing where I had the precision exhaust system bought from Don at Ohio Mustang installed on my car. Ohio Mustang gave me a great price plus it was delivered quicker than the quoted time which is always a bonus! Fit pretty good but we did have to make a slight bend on the drivers side rear most pipe to get the tips to fit. When everything was all said and done I think the tips stick out 2-3 inches too far but I need to do some research. They are not past the bumper but seem a little too far out for my taste. I'll drive it for a few weeks and look at a few cars and decided what to do. Car made the 92 mile round trip through 4 rain storms with no issues. Car now drives and sounds great and is turning into the occasional driver that I'm looking for.
  17. Keep plugging away David and you will get there!!
  18. although there are a lot of details wrong with this car based on the dyno graph it looks like this car would be a beast! Nicely optioned SCJ and I love the color! https://russoandsteele.com/vehicle-details/?show_vehicle=169527&current_index=9&total_results=12&auction_pk=194&=&caryear=0&caryearto=0&search_text=mustang&page=featured&showpage=1
  19. I'm looking for a set of black deluxe rear seat belts for a 71 Mach 1 which are the ones that do not retract and have the bright receivers. Anyone have anything?
  20. I will be there Friday at the Romeo Proving Grounds on Friday, Mustsng Alley on Daturday and World Headquarters on Sunday with my 71 Mustang. If you see me make sure you stop by and say hi and I will do the same.
  21. If it's an original 4 barrel 4 speed car that's pretty cool! https://www.ebay.com/itm/162628093570
  22. I have a 72 convert that looks to be optioned the same!
  23. 1 week away........anyone else coming to Woodward? Barry - did you get an invite to the Proving grounds as well?
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