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  1. Hello Forum. I am servicing my car a bit. I want to change the fuel filter on the carb. My 429cj car has the qjet carb......any ideas as to what good quality filter to use? Is there a small filter inside the filter housing? Will I need to get a small, round filter? Thanks.
  2. David.....any news? I am about to burst! No matter what, I will take a unit for 71 429cj/4sp/ram air. A few photos would be awesome...... Lemme’ know.....
  3. Apparently, my car has been converted to electronic ignition.....will I still need the parts??
  4. It is for a 4sp, 429cj, 1971. I think dual port was the original configuration. I would like to go back to that. Thanks.
  5. David.....did you get any pricing info? I may have to wait until end of May, as I wont see the car until then. Let me know.... Thanks.
  6. Please see pictures below.....both are pictures of my engine. On the upper picture the PVS is connected to the vacuum advance. On the lower the PVS lower tap is blocked of. The lower picture is a new picture. Is this normal? Is my vacuum advance connected at all?? I have seen many pictures of 429 engines, and it does seem the PVS needs to be connected to the advance unit.......is this correct? Thanks.
  7. David....ok, thats sounds great. I definitely want one....maybe two. I will not be back at my car until aound the 18th. May. Is that ok? Then I will check the distributor.... Brgds,
  8. Wow....awesome. Yes...it is a 4sp car. The mentioned website is an absolute treasure trove of technical information for 429´ers. Amazing site. Who runs it? I have tried quite a few times to contact the fellow over a period of near,y 2 yeats now. The advance unit on the website doesnt look anything like the unit on my car now. Maybe the original has been changed at some point. I am VERY interested in purchasing a correct vacuum advance for my car. 1971 429cj ram air 4sp. Please get in touch. Thanks I am 10000km away from the car now, and cant check the distributor..........can yo
  9. Reversible...definitely....yes, two small holes each side had to be made. I thought looooooooong and hard about proceeding with this option....finally decided to do it. Its discreet and looks OE/awesome. All I know is that I have been to two MOT inspections.....both inspectors were hardliners regarding `funny/tapey/wiry` solutions. Simply no-go anymore. Lars probably had his MOT`ed longer ago.........by a `friendlier` inspector. And dont worry.......we were nice and utterly charming toward the friendly inspectors...this is `standard procedure....but rules have been `stiffened`. One i
  10. Awesome. That would be great. Please get back to me if you find something. Otherwise, there is an interesting Crane on Ebay. It comes with small springs and an adjuster........would it fit?
  11. The double-sided tape operation is a total no-go in Denmark. My solution is totally reversible. I tried to find a permanent solution that looked good and `original`. To me, it looks great. In real life...fantastic actually. I was surprised. I know about the Japan car......very nice too..... No worries....time for some cruisin`!
  12. Wow.......picky fellas in France........just like in Denmark! They would not accept the marker light as blinker.....they would not accept a small light near the marker light either. So, I decided on the above....it actually looks great in real life...real `mustangy`! I had to have a new vin plate welded into the frame in the engine compartment. No big deal........but those MOT fellas are real sticklers when it comes to these nice old cars.
  13. Another picture.......... Give me some opinions........thanks.
  14. Great catch! The turn signal light above the Mach1 is new. These signal lights had to be installed in order to pass MOT inspection. I tried to make it look as OE as possible. To me, it looks darn good actually! Spoiler is totally original.........as is the whole car..........except the lights!

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