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  1. Hello forum, I had a slight problem with my 71/429cj not long ago. It was pertaining from the Mallory Unilite ignition system. Luckily I have my car running nicely again with a basic Pertronix I system. I still have the original dual point distributor. (Not on the car atm). I have bought a Pertonix 1281DV system specifically for upgrading the original dual points. Are there any advantages over the basic system? Or the original dual points system. The engine sounds absolutely fine and healthy with the basic Pertronix I (non-dual pionts igniter)….. What were the reasons/advantages by having a dual point system originally? We all all know it is a slightly more complicated system requiring a bit more maintainance. thanks.
  2. Kilgon.....hood was opened 22sec after the photo!🤠👍 I did three longish drives yesterday......the car ran smoothly all the way!🍻 That Mallory Unilite system definitely had me ‘conundrummed’....I just didnt believe it could be that. Until I read it was a ‘infra red light system’........that changed my thinkin’ completely. I still have the original dual point distributor. I will install a Pertronix 1281DV in the distributor and put it back in the car. The basic Pertronix I system is a FINE little thing indeed. So simple, so genius!
  3. The fan belt is on correctly. Just the type, I guess. I drove to the small car show. Ran smoothly!👍😀 Here is a picture from show👇
  4. SOME VERY GOOD NEWS!! I worked on the beast today. Changed the coil...Acdelco 505....sorry..problem persisted. I then took out the Mallory Unilite (infrared !!) ignition system and put in a basic Pertronix I. The car fired up. Sounded completely normal. Oil pressure, temp and amps came up! I drove the car for a good half-hour....different rpms!...hehe.....not a stutter, stumble or squeak! I hope this was it! The Mallory Unilite system......anybody here have that system? Please indicate if you have had problems with it. I am soooooooooo happy, that I got it running reliably again. I am attending a small car show later today......fingers crossed that everything works ok!👍🍻
  5. Were all 1971 429cj-r/4sp cars dual point distributors? What is the best Pertronix kit for my car? It is not a Pertronix electronic ignition in there atm.....some other brand. Could defective electronic ignition cause my problem?
  6. Coolant level is fine. Oil level is perfect. Distributor cap is totally dry. Car is stored in doors. Spark plug wires and spark plugs are intact and not damaged. The engine runs absolutely normal and nicely....until the shut down. The car cuts out even when ‘cold’. About 2-3 minutes after start up the first time. The car is startable even when hot. I dont think its vapor lock, because of the way it shuts down......just shuts down instantly...no sputtering. Can/could a defective voltage regulator cause this type of problem? Immediate shut down? Very strange this. Regarding ‘flameouts’...no flames either way....carb or exhaust. Flameout in aviation speak means just that.....no ‘flames’ (in turbine) and engine shuts down. Same happens here.....’flame=spark instantly disappears and engine shuts down.
  7. Could an overheated sparkplug wire cause this issue? Spark plug wire number 1 was basically lying on the exhaust manifold held down on it by a heater hose......
  8. After it stalls......it cranks fine and eventually can be started. It is not the original points ignition. It is electronic now....I will get a photo of it tomorrow. I suspect an electric issue too.....but what could cause this? Bad starter solenoid? Voltage regulator? Any ideas welcome👍
  9. I have used Lucas hotrod oil for a few years now. 10-40. It has some of the highest zinc ppm out there....2100ppm. Valvoline High Zinc is excellent oil, but ‘only’ has 1200ppm. Sunoco have a new classic car oil....2000ppm.......Seems fine too.
  10. Hello forum. I just started driving my 1971 429cj-r/4sp for the season. Some stressful stuff happened. Total instant flameout a few times while driving...and a couple of times while idling. The car has never done this before. The car has been standing for almost a year..with battery disconnected. New fuel was filled recently. Battery is new. Charging seems ok (14.3v). All voltages seem normal. Fuel filter for Rochester carb changed. Fuel pump works fine. I am stumped...... Were all 1971 429cj-r/4sp cars dual advance? See picture of my engine..... I need some good advice as to what is going on. Thanks....
  11. My car has electronic ignition. How would I check if the fusable wire is defective? thanks...
  12. I will check on the car tomorrow........
  13. The car quit like the key was turned off. No sputtering. The gas tank was just over quarter full.
  14. Hello forum. Wierd thing happened while out driving my 429cj. It was warmed up......put in gear...drove 30m...car flamed out......was able to start up again and go. Later same day.....car flamed out on road.....I managed to pull over safely......very difficult to start.....poured on some gas.....a couple of minutes later was able to start and drove home. Any ideas? car had been standing still for nearly a year (due all this corona stuff)... picture from drive.👍
  15. Hello Forum. I am servicing my car a bit. I want to change the fuel filter on the carb. My 429cj car has the qjet carb......any ideas as to what good quality filter to use? Is there a small filter inside the filter housing? Will I need to get a small, round filter? Thanks.
  16. David.....any news? I am about to burst! No matter what, I will take a unit for 71 429cj/4sp/ram air. A few photos would be awesome...... Lemme’ know.....
  17. Apparently, my car has been converted to electronic ignition.....will I still need the parts??
  18. It is for a 4sp, 429cj, 1971. I think dual port was the original configuration. I would like to go back to that. Thanks.
  19. David.....did you get any pricing info? I may have to wait until end of May, as I wont see the car until then. Let me know.... Thanks.
  20. Please see pictures below.....both are pictures of my engine. On the upper picture the PVS is connected to the vacuum advance. On the lower the PVS lower tap is blocked of. The lower picture is a new picture. Is this normal? Is my vacuum advance connected at all?? I have seen many pictures of 429 engines, and it does seem the PVS needs to be connected to the advance unit.......is this correct? Thanks.
  21. David....ok, thats sounds great. I definitely want one....maybe two. I will not be back at my car until aound the 18th. May. Is that ok? Then I will check the distributor.... Brgds,
  22. Wow....awesome. Yes...it is a 4sp car. The mentioned website is an absolute treasure trove of technical information for 429´ers. Amazing site. Who runs it? I have tried quite a few times to contact the fellow over a period of near,y 2 yeats now. The advance unit on the website doesnt look anything like the unit on my car now. Maybe the original has been changed at some point. I am VERY interested in purchasing a correct vacuum advance for my car. 1971 429cj ram air 4sp. Please get in touch. Thanks I am 10000km away from the car now, and cant check the distributor..........can you gleen anything from the initial picture? Definitely Autolite cap.....
  23. Reversible...definitely....yes, two small holes each side had to be made. I thought looooooooong and hard about proceeding with this option....finally decided to do it. Its discreet and looks OE/awesome. All I know is that I have been to two MOT inspections.....both inspectors were hardliners regarding `funny/tapey/wiry` solutions. Simply no-go anymore. Lars probably had his MOT`ed longer ago.........by a `friendlier` inspector. And dont worry.......we were nice and utterly charming toward the friendly inspectors...this is `standard procedure....but rules have been `stiffened`. One inspector mentioned that many with `tapey` solutions will get a big surprise, when there cars are inspected at upcoming summer gatherings.........makes you think... Lars.......beers......Himmelbjerget soon...??
  24. Awesome. That would be great. Please get back to me if you find something. Otherwise, there is an interesting Crane on Ebay. It comes with small springs and an adjuster........would it fit?
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