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  1. Hello again Forum.......now that I have my car with me, I need to get some good pointers on how to clean it correctly so the paint work doesn't suffer. My car is black/argent and is in good condition. I am nervous that I will ruin the paint job by doing something idiotic!:cool: How do you guys wash and detail your cars? Any specific products recommended? Chrome polish? Interior black vinyl polish? Spray-on wax? Etc...etc.... Any info is good info. Here is a pic of my car......I just cant stop posting pictures of her, as she is so beautiful!::thumb:::D
  2. Another wonderful picture! I cant believe I own this rare car!:):D
  3. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! I have the car in hand. Just picked up and inspected at the dock! All worked out great. The car is in absolutely fine fine shape!:whistling:::thumb::
  4. Wow! Amazing photos. That place must be a veritable goldmine! So much cool stuff.
  5. Here is a couple of pictures of the t-shirts....::thumb:: lollerz
  6. Those photos are too cool! The Melbourne photo with the 'Stang just peeking out is great. That race photo is amazing....... What is gonna happen to all us 'fuelies' WHEN they forbid fuel cars from 2030??????? This is a REAL plan here Euroland!
  7. My new cap! I also had some tshirts made for the whole family.....should be good.
  8. Cool...thanks guys.I bought Covercraft cover....with antenna grommet. I viewed a video on youtube about how to install the grommet.....all is good.
  9. Are there any car covers with a pre-cut hole for the antenna?
  10. Wow! Great job. Please post more pictures of all you have done.
  11. That is exactly what I am saying. I can send you the video if you want to see it......
  12. I am not sure that is correct. Can I send you the video? Then you can see what I mean.... The hooks were put on the axle.......the hooks where then pulled forward......the hooks were on the rear of the axle.
  13. Back of the axle.....that is exactly my point.....the hooks pull on the back of the axle. Here are a couple of pictures of my rear axle/brake lines....
  14. I have a video of the car going on to the flatbed........the tow cable was NOT used. I have confirmed with the former owner that the slight upward kink has always been there. Backed up by a few photos. It is hardly noticeable though....I think the angle exagerated the kink. A slightly more concerning problem has arisen from the video though......the car was 'latched' to the flatbed with two big metal hooks on the rear axle.....I hope this hasn't damaged the rear brake lines. See pic from video below..... Car should be here in DK on the 4th. Nov.! YEY!
  15. Just another pic of car on transport truck::thumb::
  16. Wwwwwooooooowwww! Awesome historical pictures! Fantastic.......please, please post them all. Fascinating!
  17. I suspect that was done by the tow truck winch cable. When I needed mine towed the cable was going to do the same thing. Needless to say I requested another style tow truck. Shucks......I had hoped you wouldnt say that. Anyway.....checkout the picture of the car just BEFORE being loaded into container.....the spoiler looks fine........I dunno... Optical illusion??
  18. Hello Forum........this has probably been asked before.......how many VIN locations are there? 1. Front left windscreen. 2. Underneath front left fender across from shock tower. 3......? Thanks.
  19. Car is on the high seas! Man......I cant wait! I hope the bumper is supposed to look like that.........can someone confirm?
  20. Chip is a cool dude an'all.....bit, I couldnt agree more....another car pimped and ruined. Each to ones taste I guess....
  21. Is the antenna on the car easily removable? Or is there a hole in most custom car covers? Thanks.....
  22. Wow...this is getting scary! I need opinions on the Mastercraft avenger's now...........
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