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  1. Hey justford........your car is REAL nice. If I had the dough I would buy yours too!:-))
  2. I dont like to think about what I would have paid, had mine been its original color! These cars, due their rarity, will be king very soon.:-)))))))
  3. Hi guys........on the 'bay now........beautiful car.......OUCH-price! I am glad I got 'in', when I did!
  4. Hey Lars......we need to meet up. I need alot of advice and knowledge! Beers on Himmelbjerget?
  5. Wow.....great thread! I am ready to do an install...........when I have my car!
  6. How many of you have installed these retro-looking modern slide-bar radios? I am contemplating getting one for my car. I have 2 original radios, but their performance is not so good anymore........ Any ideas?
  7. Color is not original......it was originally grabber yellow. All else is bone stock. I will post more once I have all the details.
  8. No wonder you don't own one!! lollerz Mwilson7......were you the fellow that bought the grabber green car from Japan a few weeks ago? I was seriously looking at that auction too. Grabber green is an awesome color for these cars. Do you have a thread where you have posted more pictures?
  9. Thanks guys/gals. Man, I haven't even seen the car in the flesh(metal?) yet! I am relying on relayed info and pictures.......GOSH! I hope it all works out in the end. Here is the door sticker and another great picture.::thumb:: Go ahead and decode it all. Let me know if anything suspiscious pops up.
  10. All the original documents are inbound to my home as we speak. Including Marti report. Only a 2 owner car (now three...me).......the car has been in Canada for most of its life. A REAL picky(in a positive way) fellow has had the car for a looooooonnngg time. He has taken very well care of it and kept as original as possible. The car has won numerous awards at canadian car shows/gatherings. The ONLY thing that is not original is the color........the car was originally grabber yellow. Everything else is bone stock. I think all you detectives out there know which car it is now...........I only hope the car is as original as the seller said.....then I am HAPPY!
  11. The car is being trucked for shipping. Eminently drivable!
  12. I am a proud new owner of a 429cj. I just cant wait to see my car. Here is a picture of the car being loaded on to truck at seller's house.
  13. I cant believe it! I actually own this 429cj::thumb:: I dont know if this is the correct forum to post this.......but, here is a pic....more to come! It is a picture of the car getting picked up at the seller.
  14. Aaahhhh......I dont think mine has a detroit locker. Hopefully there is nothing wrong with my diff. Fingers crossed.
  15. Hello again. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my car. I still have many questions. My car comes with a 3.50:1 S-code trak-lock diff.............do these units make slight noises until warm? Any info is good info. Thanks.
  16. Thanks fellas. I am still a bit confused and nervous of messinng up. Does the fuel have to be leaded? I understand this is important.......so, I guess I WILL need a lead additive? Regarding engine oil.........that is clear to me. Mineral or synthetic with zddp content OR additive.
  17. I managed to buy a real nice 429cj.......now I am trying to compile as much info as possible. What type of oil do you fellas use in your cars? Would Castrol XL 20w/50 old school mineral oil be good? Any info appreciated......thanks.
  18. Ok guys....thanks for all the info. I just bought my car. YEY! I intend to use 95 octane with Castrol valvemaster PLUS additive Is this a good idea? Here in Denmark we have 92/95 octane...98 went out a couple of years ago. I hope the above is good enough for my 429cj........ Keep the info coming.......
  19. Thanks for the info. So, 95 octane lead free is ok? Synthetic oil is also ok. I thought this was a big no-no in these engines. I was told 'Mineral based only'.....no worries ....keep the info coming......
  20. Wow!....amazing thread. Nice work! Awesomely rare car!
  21. Hello forum.....I am a newbie.....this is my first real post, so please bear with me! I have so many questions my head is spinninglollerz. I am finalizing the purchase of a car........I have of course asked the seller a ton of questions an'all. What type of fuel / gas do you guys run in your 429's? Do you use additives or not? Also, what type of oil? Synthetic or natural? Any info is good info.
  22. Wow!.....thanks for all the 'welcomes'! I cant wait to join the forum and start by soaking up all the excellent info. I MAY HAVE FOUND AND BOUGHT MY CAR...................MORE TO COME,!
  23. Enthusiastic new member here! I cant wait to read up on the forum! Loads of info! No mustang yet though......but, hopefully soon!
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