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  1. I have it up and going, runs pretty good, been driving it for a month now. I had to replace the whole ignition system, the DIS, cam position sensor, crank position sensor and coil pack. The car has a real bad oil leak out of the valve cover need to replace them. I figure I will change the plugs and wires on it at the same time since they are very hard to get to. Since I will have half the engine removed to get to the valve covers I figure I should do the plugs at the same time. These little SC 3.8 cars are pretty quick, but my 73 Mustang would still hand its azz to it in a race,lol.
  2. I have not been here or posted on the site for a while. So I sold one Cougar(73 XR7 Q code convertible) and bought a 89 XR7 with the factory 3.8 and a Eaton supercharger sitting on top of it. It needs some work, doesn't idle very well. Once the engine hits about 1000-1200 rpm the engine smooths out. The body is ok, could use a repaint, grill and few other odds and ends. The interior is pretty descent shape, it needs some speaker covers and a new power antenna switch.
  3. Ok here is my answer to your question. I have done this swap, I put a roller cam 5.8 out of a 97 F250 in my 73 Mustang. My car previously had a 302 in it with a Lunati Voodo Cam with .520 lift, Edelbrock F4B intake, headers, 600cfm Holley, dual exhaust, Msd ignition with a C4 trans 2500 stall and I think 2.78 gear and 8" rearend. It ran good but needed more gear. When I pulled the 302 and went with the 351W, it was a night and day difference. My 351W is stock besides a Edelbrock Performer intake, headers, and the Msd ignition. I put in a stock convertor with a rebuilt C4 and swapped out the rearend with a 9" out of a 73 Cougar with I think 2.72 gears. The mild 351W in my car will run circles around my old hopped up 302. Here is the thing with this swap, motor mounts are the same. Flywheel on all 351w is 28 ounce balance, same as old 302's but newer 5.0's have 50 ounce balance, watch for this. 302 headers will not fit a 351W in our cars, you will have to get a specific header for the 351W, mine are Headmans and ran around $150. 302 alternator bracket and mounts will work on 351W. Power steering mounts and Ac mounts off 302 will not work on 351W. The best mount to work for our cars is to use 1969-70 Mustang/Cougar 351W PS or AC mounts, they fit and look right. All my pulleys off my 302 worked on my 351W conversion as did the starter, timing cover, water pump. This summer I am going to find some GT 40 heads or GT40P heads and put them on my 351W for a little bit more bark and bite. My total investment is under $1000 and it is way better than my old built 302. One other thing is watch for engine height, a tall intake will not fit a flat hood with a 351W.
  4. The seats will have a black metal tag attached to the springs with the vin number. I don't remember if it is on the bottom or behind the rear access panel on the front buckets. Also look inside of the trunk, up under the trunk lip where the seal fits. I have seen the vin number stamped here also, but not on all cars, you will need a flash light or a mirror to see it.
  5. I don't know if anybody else has mentioned this, but to spray paint you need a good air compressor. A HVLP gun will eat cfm like their is no tomorrow. A conventional gun will take less cfm, but overspray will be worse. If you have a small air compressor look at a LVLP gun, I use a Star(Astro Pneumatic Evo T S4000) with my small compressor. I can get away with painting one coat on a hood before the compressor kicks down. When choosing paint go with the base clear, it is more novice friendly. If you go with single stage and it is a metallic, good luck, even a non metallic is not easy to spray. Here are some before and after pictures of my moms old car that I repainted for her. I used PPG single stage acrylic urethane paint with a convential Devil Biss JGA gun. All prep work was done in the garage, the laying down of tha paint was done in a rented paint booth.
  6. Sheared off camshaft locating pins do happen, not pretty if it happens, kind of strange nobody here has heard of this. Solid roller cam, lots of lift, stiff springs, lots of harmonics, one little pin and little bolt holding it together, a extra camshaft locating pin could be cheap insurance. I would also look at the camshaft retaining bolt size. I myself would want to use a larger than stock cam retaining bolt. This is stuff you can ask your machinist about.
  7. Solid roller cam, you might talk to your machinist about adding another cam gear retaining pin in the camshaft.
  8. ramair

    Free Cowl

    If nobody wants this I am sending it to the metal recyclers this weekend.
  9. I have a Astro Pneumatic Star Evo T S4000 LVLP with a 1.4 tip. I think I spent about $100 on it four years ago, been a descent gun. It is no Sata or Iwata, but for the money it works pretty good for me.
  10. If I decide to have the rare drink, I will have a vodka and Coke mixed with either Viking Fjord or Svedka Vodka. An shot of 12 year old GlenLivet, in my case aged to 18 years, or whatever kind of beer given to me,lol.
  11. Delete post due to me being too critical about this car. I shouldn't be this way since I am not perfect myself.:D
  12. On the pin side of the rod on your mechanical linkage don't use that plastic bushing. This is what I do and it works way better than that plastic bushing. I use a bronze door pin bushing instead, it lasts way longer and wears slower than the white plastic one.
  13. ramair

    Free Cowl

    One other note on this cowl, you have to be a memeber of this site to get this. I will not respond to people emailing me who are not members. Don't ask me how, but I have been getting emails from people who are not members.
  14. I have a cowl, the upper and lower portion that came out of a air conditioned car. Now before you get all excited, it is not in top notch shape or perfect, close from it. I feel like I wasted my time and effort removing this thing, this is why it is a freebie. Now if you want to put some work into it it is salvagable. The top and lower half will need to be seperated. It will need to be sandblasted clean to remove the rust, paint and crap. There will be some hammer and dolley work needed on the top piece. There will be some additional welding needed as I slipped with a air hammer while removing this thing. I punched some extra holes in it, yes it happens. The hat that fits onto the air draw hole will either need to be replaced or repaired as it has some rust holes in it. The porting where the hat attaches to the lower cowl still looks solid but is rusty. Last but not least, I will not ship this thing, it will have to be picked up in person. So if you can use it and want to pick it up, it is whoever call dibs on it first.
  15. I have seen factory 351W's in a few 71's. I almost bought a 71 coupe that had one way back in 1988. As for parts availability the Windsor wins hands down. I stuffed a 351W in my 73 is because I wanted a factory roller cam and 351c.i, plus 351W's are a dime a dozen. I bought a used 5.8 out of a 97 f250 and stuffed it in my 73. I did have to buy new headers, intake, distributor and power steering mount, but that was it. I used the rest of the stuff off my old 302, timing cover, alternator mount, motor mounts, etc...If i did a 351C I would of had to first find a descent engine that either ran or a builder. Then I would of had to find all the accesories, exhaust, intake, distributor, etc.... This is why I went with a 351W, they are easy to find parts are cheap and they can be made to run. If I blow this one up I can pick another one up for $500 that runs good. Now try doing that with a Cleveland,lol. BTW: I like both engines, I am not trying to down the 351C. I have both, I have a Q Code Cougar Convertible and my 351W 73 Mustang. It is just more economical for me to run a 351W's than 351C 's these days.
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