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  1. I am finally getting back on my project! No, really, this time I swear!! lol Been about 4 years since I tore it all apart. I have all the bolt-on panels off. The basic body, I changed a quarter panel, patched the floor, and am about to paint the shell in primer, then color. I am assuming it would be best to paint the fenders, doors, ect while off (After I do a little bodywork on them). I also have new hood, decklid, and bumpers, which are chrome but want to paint body color. But my thinking is it would be better to bolt everything on the car, to figure out spacing/shimming, ect,, then take the parts off to paint. I'm afraid if I paint them first, I will scratch them up trying to fit them on the car. This is a new project for me, never having taken a whole car apart to paint, ect. What is the best order to bolt stuff on, to adjust? Do I start with doors, and align with quarters and rockers, then fenders to door, ect... Or just bolt everything on and adjust here and there till stuff all fits? I bought a bunch of body shims, and plan on bagging and noting all of them when it comes apart to paint to help re-assemble. Or, am I overthinking this, and I should just bolt and shim it all, leave them on, and paint like that and call it good? (Still have the order question though) Just going to be my daily summer cruiser, not a showcar, and don't plan on selling it. I will be updating my build thread when I start back on it, I have it in the garage, and as soon as fall and winter prep are done on the racecars and yard, the Mustang is next. Been planning on it for like 4 years, but keeps getting pushed back for other stuff. But THIS time, I swear, it is going to get done, lol! Thanks! Earl
  2. Just ordered 2 😃 Haven't been on the site for a bit, as work on my project halted with the 'Rona shutdowns. Saw a post about the shirts on FB. As a side note, racing starts back up around here soon, and I will be trying out my radar gun I won here soon!
  3. It's here! Even got a cool Mustang keychain with it. I'm in Michigan, so will have to wait a couple of months to play with it.. Got 2-5 inches of snow coming tonight, lol! Thanks to everyone involved with this raffle, nice to see people supporting the site.
  4. Thanks for the replies! I decided to try the suspenders route. I got some good ones, and have worn them a couple of days. Not as bad as I had thought. I think mostly it was a mental thing, where I didn't want to be one of those old guys wearing them, lol. But so far, so good. I have also been wearing them at work while packing. With my Ruger LC9, works really well. With my full sized S&W .40, it is a lot of weight, still works but not as well. I will experiment with both, and see what I like. The smaller one would be better when it gets warm again, easier to hide, but I also like 15 rounds better than 7, so will have to try both and see what works. And I am in agreement, losing some weight would be a good thing. I was on keto a couple of years ago, and lost a bit, but have gained some back. I think it is time to put more effort in on that, with a better, more realistic sustainable way of eating. I'm not getting any younger, lol, and need to do something before it is too late!
  5. Awesome! Thanks everyone, and to the donor who made it possible. Should be fun to play with. Glad to see everyone support the site, too. Earl AKA vikingsandpintos ;)
  6. We buy junk cars and scrap metals of all kinds. We also sell parts. We mainly have cars from the mid 2000's back. We have a few older cars, at one point about 200 or so from the 30's-70's, but have been slowly crushing them (As much as I hate that!) But only 1 72 Mustang, or what's left of it, which isn't much, lol!
  7. I know this is the page for off topic, boy do I have an "Off topic" question, lol! I am a big guy... 6 foot 7, and north of 300#, so I have a belly! I am 53 years old, and have always worn my belt at around the bellybutton. I have always had trouble with my pants wanting to fall down, and always have to hitch them up.. Every time I stand up from a chair, or walk far, ect. I also have a concealed carry permit, that I mainly use to have my gun at work at my desk . (I manage a salvage yard, and usually by myself in the office) But lately have been thinking about carrying on my person more, with just how things are nowadays. So, I started looking into holsters and methods to carry for "Bigger" guys. And most of the people have their belt below their belly, so it overhangs the belt. So today, I had an old pair of pants that are smaller, and wore them to work, with the belt below my gut. Feels odd, like I am going to show plumbers crack everywhere, lol, but I'm not constantly hitching my pants up. Being that I am tall, even with my "Tall" shirts, they just barely come to my belt if I wear like this, so not sure if the conceal is going to be much of an option. So, my question to you bigger guys, is where do you wear your belt? Around your gut, or below it? I'm almost thinking I have been doing it wrong for decades, but also not sure if I want skin showing, or almost showing, and if I have to reach up would DEFF be showing (And honestly, who wants to see that!) How's that for an off topic post? lol . I'll be back to my Mustang build thread soon, I have the car in the garage, and getting some pics for an update. But I thought maybe this would be a good place for some advice, on a topic that is a little delicate to ask around home. Thanks!
  8. I didn't see any cowl rust, but will look again closer when I get back on it. That is a good idea on having the door on. I thought about putting it back on, but with the fenders off too I wasn't sure how to get the door in the right position without putting the whole front back together. This is just a daily, so I figure I should be able to get everything close enough to make myself happy. And if all goes well, I won't ever be looking to sell, just want to enjoy it. What I did , was before I cut the old quarter off, I marked where the bodyline was on the door jamb, and used that to put the new quarter bodyline on where it should be. At least that's the idea, lol. We'll see how it works at re-assembly. Next time, if there ever is, I would have the door on though like suggested. Thanks everyone for the positive comments! It helps the motivation for sure. Still waiting on a timeline for the engine, so I am pushing ahead on the race projects right now. Figure they need to be done also before summer, so might as well knock those out while I'm waiting on bringing the car back. Gonna have my hands full, but seems like every winter I do, lol. At least I have some solid goals to work toward, and they all seem doable, barring anything unexpected....
  9. I just used a body saw, like a jigsaw almost. By overlapping and cutting, I wasn't worried about cutting straight since it was all being welded. I believe where you are talking about the lower piece, I used an air punch to make holes in the skin, to plug weld thru to the old metal. Everything was actually pretty solid, just with those dents I thought this was easier to replace than fix.
  10. This is about how it sits right now in storage. I will be working on getting the motor while finishing a couple of projects, then the car comes back. As of now, I want to get the motor and trans in, and hook everything up. I want to get it ready to run and move. I have headers for it, once everything is hooked up and headers on, I will trailer it to the exhaust shop for pipes. Once I have it running, doors, fenders, ect can go back on. I need to seal any bare metal to prevent rust, but other than that there prob won't be any more bodywork done for now unless all the rest of the winter race projects go well.. HA HA!! I'll get the interior together enough to use, but not too worried about that yet. Like I said, my goal for now is to get it so I can drive it in the spring, and upgrade from there. I'll try to keep taking pics, and updating when I have some progress to show. Thanks again for all the comments, they help to keep me motivated to update this thread. Hopefully it helps someone out there, to see what I am doing, and they can learn either how to do something, or how NOT to do it! I am excited to get back on this, and hope you are enjoying following along
  11. After grinding, I got a skim coat of filler over it, and over the patch higher up towards the roof. This also took a bit of time to get looking good. The pics make it look like more filler than is really there. After I got it looking pretty good I got some primer on it. I have just a little shaping to do on a body line when I get back on it, but am pleased it looks decent. Also, not pictured, I sealed the inside of the panel from the trunk. I also used seam sealer where the wheel lip meets the inner housing, and it is all painted with the chassis saver paint like the floor was.
  12. I decided to replace the panel. Using advice I had been reading, I attached the new quarter to the old, and cut thru both layers just below the top edge of the new one. That made for a good fit. I used these little clamps to hold the new piece to the body, which left a nice little crack to weld them together. this took a LONG time to weld, as I only did tack welds, spaced out, to keep from warping things best I could. I was lucky the inner wheelhouse was in good shape. I used some chassis paint on it before the new quarter went on.
  13. The left quarter is in pretty good shape. The passenger side, though... It was dented at the back, and right in the middle. The was some rust holes in the bottom, and some previous bondo that was cracking. free online virtual casino upload online image
  14. Well, it has been a while, amazing how time flies! I see it has been just over a year since my last update. Just like last year, a local car show has peaked my interest, and motivated me to get back on the project. Race season is over, and while we are going to be working on the Neons for next summer, I have made it clear that the Mustang is a priority to get in the garage. I have made it a goal to get it running, and drive it next summer not painted, and getting to the paint hopefully next winter. But I want it driveable this spring! As I posted before, I had some personal issues that knocked me off my game. Seems like there is always something else going on, or more important. And as much as we all love our cars, they are only cars, afterall. I do want to thank those of you for your thoughts after my losing my Mother. It's amazing how much people that don't even know each other can support each other! The car is at storage, but will be coming back to the garage soon. Just a couple of quick racing projects, and back onto it. It will be sharing time with the racecars, as far as being worked on, but I WILL be making time for it, too! I have picked up the trans, the shop got it all done, so it is pretty and ready to use. The motor isn't done yet, but I have talked to the builder, and let him know I need it soon. He is THE Ford guy around here. I know he is very good, and very honest, so I'm not worried about getting ripped off. Being that he is so good, and well known in the area, he is very busy. Plus, he drag races, so summer is hard to get anything in. But I should be getting the motor soon if all goes well. I had done some more body work before my Mom got sick, so I am going to update some of that. I tried to take plenty of pics along the way. As I said, bodywork isn't my specialty, and it is not a concourse restro, just a daily driver. (Or, WILL be, lol!). I'm trying not to have a "Good enough" attitude, but am trying to do the best I can. It may not be perfect, but if I can get it so I'm happy, that is what I am hoping for. When the top was on, it did the famous "Rust out under". There were some holes where I had to cut out, and weld in some steel. I also started to weld up holes where the chrome trim was, because I'm not putting a top back on, just painting the roof body color. Same for the chrome on the bottom of the car, trim is coming off so I am grinding the mounting studs off.
  15. Well, time for an update, which isn't much of an update at all. But I went to a car cruise tonight, and made me think about this. Basically, I have stalled... Just after my last update, my Mother, who had been in failing health for a while, and we lived with her to help take care of her, got worse. She had a stroke years ago, and 1 side of her body didn't work. She finally had a fall, and after a hospital stay had to go to a nursing home as she needed round the clock care we couldn't provide. Then, in March, she passed. The motor is still at the builders shop, he has been busy, and my engine hasn't been done yet. He does really good work, and he drag races during the summer, so I haven't pushed him since the body is all apart anyway. Ditto for the trans, at another shop. Good work there too, but he is known for being slooooow. I kind of got in a funk, and it was also time to gear up for racing season, so the car sat. It is still on stands, in the same place in the garage. In the meantime, on our race Neons, we have changed a couple of motors, trans, and various repairs all summer long. So now tonight, I went to a car cruise, and the bug to get working on it again started in my mind! It has a layer of dust, but I think when race season is done, I want to get on it again. I did some body work before my Mom got sick, and I need to update that, hopefully soon. Thanks for being patient, just sometimes life gets in the way!!
  16. I am needing to remove the windshield trim so I can work on the roof, and remove the remains of the old vinyl top. Does anyone have any pics handy of the clips and/or mouldings so I can see how to get the trim off? I have a couple assorted trim clip tools, but I can't see the clips with the trim on to actually tell how to release them.. Or which shape tool it takes! I couldn't find any pics offhand of them here. Thought maybe someone out there might have some pics of it apart, so I can see how it works? Thanks! Earl
  17. Yep, I just exchanged them for full ones. They said they could fill my new ones if I really wanted the shiny pretty ones, but they usually just exchange. I said I didn't care about shiny, lol, and just took the exchanged ones. Kinda a neat little set, I think it will be handy around the garage if I need to make a quick cut or a little heat to persuade a bolt. Might also take it to the racetrack, never know when it might come in handy. Has a little holder for everything, so just grab and go!
  18. I just got a new small portable torch set. I took the new tanks to Purity to have them filled, the guy looked them over to see what brand or where they came from. These were in a Lincoln set, so I was good. He said people buy the cheap sets, and bring in the Chinese tanks, and they won't fill them. Too many issues and not safe! Never heard this before, thought I would put that out there for anyone thinking of getting some tanks, make sure they aren't cheapies that you may have a hard time getting filled!! Earl
  19. Did a little "Investigative" wire wheel work tonight, to get a game plan of working on my roof. It had a vinyl top, and needs some work. I asked about the pitting on another thread, and got some good tips there. Have a couple of other questions now... First, I had some cracking like old bondo at the top of the quarter. Wirewheeled it, and it was the seam where the 1/4 meets the roof. I was afraid it was a previous repair of a hole, lol. The seam is pretty deep, looks like the ends are leaded. What is the best thing to fill the seam? It looked like just regular bondo filler was in it. Just use that, or "All metal", or something else? Secondly, there are a couple of rust holes, from 1" to 1 1/2" area or so. The metal around the rust holes looks pretty solid, I hit it pretty aggressively with the wheel so I could see just how solid the surrounding metal is. I have a bunch of chrome trim holes I will be welding closed since I am eliminating the chrome. But these spots are too big to weld as is, plus I'm sure the edges of the holes of course are thin so would burn thru pretty easy. So I'm thinking my options are either "All metal" or something to patch, or do some cutting and welding. If I go with cut/weld, I'm thinking there are 2 ways to do that... 1, cut a section, make a piece slightly smaller, weld the gap, ect. Would require a bit of fitting. 2, cut the section, make a plate oversized of the hole, place it on the backside of the hole, and weld it in. But, would then require some filler, much like the seam at the roof. I'm not concerned with making an invisible type repair on the inside. There are a couple of spots on this side. I haven't done anything on the other side yet, but there is already a decent hole over there, and some small ones also like this side. Any and all suggestions or opinions are appreciated as always! Thanks, Earl
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