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  1. I have a couple of sets of the standard metal upper door trim PM me if you are still looking for a set
  2. Are you looking for original stock seats ? Just core seats, or something with decent upholstery Do you also need all the plastic trim and seat tracks
  3. Excellent work... everything looks perfect
  4. My thoughts since you are new at this. As it is a convertible, jack up the front first do the front suspension, get the front back on the ground, then do the back springs For the back you can put the car on stands under the axle to remove the nuts off the spring eye bolts as those are usually the biggest fight [ leave the bolt in place ] Then put your stands under the frame rails by the rear torque boxes so you can lower the axle and change out the springs Get the rear springs from eaton springs in MI The convertible is not going to like hanging in the air like that so have everything ready to go, before you start Good luck ALSO if you happen to have harbor freight jack stands some were recalled
  5. OMS

    Ram Air Intake

    Mine has both filters and all the hardware 639 no tax No inflated prices then put things on sale from OMS CJ is a big conglomerate and has to charge sales tax dynacorn hood I am 340.00 ... they are reg 429 ...sale 308 + tax
  6. So when he came to pick it up how did you explain the missing MOTOR AND TRANSMISSION ...darn squirrels
  7. CJ and NPD list the 1967 - 68 horns as fitting our 71-73 cars. 67-8 did have a different horn for cars with A/C While 67-8 horns look close to our horns, they do not sit in the proper direction, they are turned the wrong way Manufacturer says to rotate the horn for 71-3 ... that doesn't work when I tried it.
  8. Well at least Randy did not stick up a bunch of PINK flamingos as his color suggestion
  9. I can't tell from the picture but make sure the shop welds up the small holes in the tail light panel accross the bumper area, that are for 1973 cars...if your replacement panel has them as most do
  10. Do you mean the platforms that weld to the floor pan and the seat mounts on , if so I have them PM me
  11. Walton Hills stamping was 30 miles from Cleveland My dad was tool and die man at the Walton Hills plant when it opened in 1954 until he retired in 85 ... Ford recruited him from GM ....thank goodness or it might be Ohio Camaro supply.
  12. No stamping plant in Cleveland Ohio ... had engine plant number 1 and number 2 though Had a stamping plant in Walton Hills Ohio not sure what that code was
  13. Nick, there was a change with the side seat brackets. I'm not exactly sure when but I think it had to do with the change of the seat belt location, when they went to the retractable set up in the rear I'm sure I have a set of the other brackets you need. I will get them out later and PM you a picture and info

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