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  1. So you were you driving MRS 4X4's CAMARO .... again
  2. Don't forget to use a generous amount of hand sanitizer
  3. Those glass filters tend to leak and cause fires Our crappy ethanol gas just looks like that
  4. Pm sent I have a couple of sets laying around
  5. I think I have a couple of sets, I'll look later today
  6. OMS

    Smog filter

    Tommyt, the other posters information is not for 1971, his info is for 1973 For you 1971 and in 1972, the canister is mounted to the passenger side rear fender apron There is a welded on plate with 3 studs the bracket bolts to. If you don't see the studs, they may have broken off, look into the fender well and you can see the plate If someone changed the fender apron, the plate might be missing I may have the parts you need
  7. It could be the clips as stated Or if your beltline weather-stripping was replaced and they did not use the lower supplement strip, that can cause the window to rattle and move around when down Or is the shop saying the roller is bad on the regulator - I have replacement rollers I have the rattle clip set for 38.95 shipped https://www.ohiomustang.com/store/order_page.asp?itemid=3364
  8. The original factory 71 Mach 1 grilles only have the 4 outboard holes - I think the front valance was different too - no center hole The revised version for [ I think sometime in late 71 ] and 72, the service and repro grilles have 6 holes for the dual outboard and single center supports Cast coat gray worked well for me. Haven't tried clear coat but it looks really good on Stanglovers car
  9. Yes they will fit The floor pan is the same size, the difference is the inner rocker and the seat risers You may need to heat these areas and reform them a bit
  10. 1971 and early 72's had a seat back release lift handle in the center if the seat Late 72 and all 73's had the release handles moved to the outboard edges of the seat This was the same on standard or deluxe interior The seat bottom was the same for all 3 years only the upright changed for the lift latch position I sent you a PM
  11. . ****ORIGINAL *** ONLY ORIGINAL ONCE**NEW OR REBUILT PARTS- RESTORATION** The opening line tells you to RUN AWAY ... original ... only original once and then they say here is the list of new parts
  12. Dan, as other have said that is sound deadener. It is like the original with the jute backing it's OK but if it gets wet it never dries. So make sure you clean up the metal and paint it with a rust preventative coating They should lay in place fine, without any adhesive
  13. Oh no now you opened the GM ... can of worms
  14. There is also a metal tab that is folded over and holds the harness up against the bottom of the cowl, on the drivers side tucked up in the corner above the parking brake.
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