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  1. The flappers / scoops on the hood are only open under wide open throttle / hard acceleration when vacuum drops. Most of the time air will be drawn in through the snorkel
  2. If you want to go with factory disc brakes, I have a couple of complete set ups
  3. Welcome from Ohio ... looks nice Did you get it from Sunnyside in Elyria ?
  4. Randy, Hope all goes well now and things are smooth and peaceful
  5. It is in stock, it is heavy and international shipping is expensive. Message sent
  6. Welcome from Ohio Will send a pm on the headliner bows
  7. JD... is your car all original ? I have had 4-5 72 and 73 Q code convertibles with the nasa hoods and none of them has flat sided springs. They were all rusty parts cars but complete so cannot say for sure what is correct but it seems odd. Maybe you check with Kevin who has a collection of big block convertibles to see what his cars had
  8. To all, if you know a veteran thank them today My thanks to all the guys on here who have served ... there are quite a few My prayers to those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom
  9. Can you glue it back together ? Those are hard to find in good condition and expensive If you cannot fix yours I think I have some
  10. Big Red those are not stock, FastE probably had them plated
  11. Let us know how they work out... been looking for a good alternative For the smaller screw holes heat up the screws and use candle wax to lubricate the threads so you don't snap off the plastic studs Not sure if that will work for the larges studs
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