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  1. Mike, for 71 - early 72 center release or late 72 - 73 outside release
  2. Do some checking around the striker area , you should be able to see it from inside the quarter panel access. That tended to rot as it was two layers of bare metal
  3. 9.00 on ebay eBay item number: 133658718270 or pm me
  4. The quick thinking and getting into the lake probably helped a lot. I hope you have a speedy recovery and do not have more long term pain.
  5. I have several complete disc set ups pulled from parts cars for a swap out PM me for more info
  6. As always nice work Scott and welcome back
  7. I was dropping off several wiring harnesses to a guy to have them refurbished. At that time he lived in a warm south east part of the county and what I thought was odd. He had a fireplace in every room, who the heck has a fireplace in every room including the bathroom.
  8. Chris, I think I have a nice passenger side platform
  9. If I remember correctly , it should have went in before the window as I don't think you can see the channel now. Back edge slides in and the front edge gets screwed down on early cars [ 71 ] and riveted down on 72 and 73 You might be able to use another strip of sheet metal to lift the seal so you can see the channel it slides into
  10. I have sold 9 or 10 of them with no complaints Turtle are you going to rebuild your car... I have a complete frt clip
  11. Rod, I am sorry to hear this. My condolences to you and your family Cancer sucks
  12. The 73 switch is available aftermarket as the complete 5 gang assembly Here is one 25.00 shipped Master Power Window Door Switch 1972-1977 for Ford NEW eBay item number: 370562266530
  13. Roy is the dude in jeans and the jackets lost...looks like he is about to tell them they are pouring the mash into the tank to fast Interesting stuff, my son in law works for a company in FL that makes all kinds of pre-cast products
  14. Remember last time you posted stuff on facebook ... you had to change your address to a different state
  15. Ken, found 1 but it is very dirty has a small hole, I think I have a nice one somewhere will keep looking
  16. Hey you were not suppose to share these pics of the beer run / joy rides when we snuck out the test car from the shop that weekend.
  17. When I called around to get one repaired years ago. The shop said it had to be furnace brazed So I V'ed out the crack, put the manifold in the barbeque grille and cooked it for of a couple of hours to get it as hot as possible. Had everything ready, shut off the grille, brazed the crack, fired the the grill back up and then slowly kept dropping the temp Worked well, only issue is when you paint them you can see the smooth repair line Have done a couple this way
  18. To Kevin, I sold all of our stuff at the end of last summer First guy showed and bought all 4 complete karts, 3 rollers, extra motors, wheels, tires [ about 50 ] 3 rolling stands, boxes of parts He came back with cash and a trailer me cash , no haggling I was surprised He said, they couldn't find any karts everyone was looking for them due to the pandemic and lock downs... hopefully market is still good for your sale He and his buddies build a backyard track, they already had 5-6 guys and karts. Good luck with the sale To David, I'm surprised you are not complaining about the mailman not doing it right
  19. Nige and you still looking for this? Do you need a two or three spoke in Ginger, I have a nice one in either type
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