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  1. Mine was built 3/1/73. I have the original snorkel / non-chrome housing. The decal said 351-4V. The original decal definitely fit better than the repro, but still not quite perfect.
  2. You're right in that the side trim is the drip rail, and there are two pieces, one above the windshield and one 3/4 of the way back between the windows. The rear piece is actually 3 pieces, the center piece and then 2 small pieces on either end. I'm missing one of those. Turns out that the one on ebay isn't what I need.
  3. Thanks David! I think it might be the piece I need. I sent an email to the guy to ask. I have all the trim except for the corner piece that connects the passenger side trim to the rear trim. I couldn't tell for sure from the picture if the corner piece he has is the one I need, or if it was the corner on the roof pillar heading down towards the hood. It was super hard to tell from his pictures, but the angle of that corner piece just didn't look quite right. Could have just been the angle of the camera. Thanks again! Scott
  4. I have it. Now if only I could find the one piece of trim I'm missing for it.......
  5. I am obviously biased..... I love the look of the Keystones
  6. The center dash bezel. The place where the triple gauges would be. Below the AC vents and above the radio bezel cutout.
  7. I might be interested in the center console. I was wondering if you might be able to tell me something about it though.... There is a rectangular area below the vents and above the radio that is recessed. Can you tell me what the dimensions of that rectangle are?
  8. Hi Kurt! I'm interested in the gauge cluster without the tach. It looks pretty good. Is there anything wrong with the lens or housing that you can see? I'd also like the small piece of venting that you can see in the picture just below and to the left of the dash. It's the piece that sits behind the diverter on the far left, just left of the tach. What would I be looking at for the above plus shipping to 84121? Thanks, Scott
  9. Hey Mike, Is this something new that it's doing or has it done it forever? My interior light would dim when I turned on headlights, and everything blinked with the turn signal on. I'm thinking that a higher output alternator might help, but may not solve the issue. There is just a huge amount of draw when you turn on the lights because of how they were factory wired. I ended up putting my headlight power through a relay pack, and used the switch only to trip the relays. My headlights are way brighter and nothing dims or flickers anymore. I did pretty much this: http://www.midnightdsigns.com/james/headlights.htm It might not solve your issue, but worst case is it will definitely make your headlights brighter.
  10. I might be interested. How about some pictures?
  11. It was about 8 years ago, so I'm a little fuzzy on how much the sensor was vs labor, but the total bill was right around $400. My guess is that the sensor was close to $275 - $300.
  12. So........ There is every possibility that due to inappropriate oiling technique or proper dry time or something, I was completely responsible, but my experience with a K&N on my Maxima was a damaged MAF sensor. I had used a K&N on 3 other vehicles with no complaints whatsoever. After a week or so with the K&N on the Maxima, it wouldn't start. The Nissan tech told me that the K&N allowed too much debris to pass through and it damaged the MAF sensor. He told me that he saw K&N's blow up MAF's on a fairly regular basis. Perhaps it was oil and not debris, or a combination of both, but the end result was about $400 for repairs, not to mention the $80 I spent on the filter. While I'm absolutely willing to accept full responsibility in that I might not have oiled it properly, or perhaps not allowed the filter enough time to dry, I'm not as willing to put another K&N on my car, Nissan, Mustang or otherwise. If it was indeed my own fault, then I feel it was way too easy to inadvertently screw it up. I can buy cases of paper filters and replace them every oil change for years and still not come close to the cost of that one MAF sensor and K&N. That's just my 2 cents.
  13. Holy shit! 19 years ago???????? The time flies! And a couple of months ago.........
  14. I'm in Murray, real close to Cottonwood High School. I used to live in West Valley off of 3500 S and 3200 W. There was a restaurant that used to have weekend cruises, I think it was Jim's, on the south side of 35th and around 3400 West. Do you know if they still have them? It would be super cool if you, Zac (Valhallo) and I all met up and crashed a local cruise with our stangs.
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