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  1. The original owner had a 351CJ rebuilt and transplanted. As I mentioned in my original post the car is an F code with a Q code power plant. I've had my mechanic tell me that this engine was well done unfortunately I don't know who rebuilt it and how it was accomplished.
  2. Fabrice, sorry. I've reached out to him to see if he has any restrictions set up on his site. I don't see why he would since he has sold cars overseas and I know the Netherlands has been one of the places he has sold to so I would assume that IP's from overseas are not being blocked unless he has has malicious attacks be a particular IP. Having access blocked could be a result of various things to include settings on your own computer to your provider's settings to the website owner.
  3. Recently retired and having to sell one of my Mustangs. You can see all pictures at Cody's Classic Cars located in Stanley, WI as he is my consignor. I bought the car off the original owner about 3 and 1/2 years ago. He had it basically restored in 1991 by replacing floor and various fendors & Wheel wells. In 2011 he transplanted a "Q-code" 351 CJ into the car (car is an F-code). Engine is fantastic and was rebuilt well. Also in same year he had the original FMX tranny rebuild along with the rearend (3.73 gears with posi). It also has Hooker ceramic Long Tube headers. I have converted the rear to disc brakes so now it has four wheel discs. I also junked the Autolite 4V and put a Holley on it and has been fantastic. Car has been extremely reliable and was driving it most every weekend (never on wet roads) for anywhere between 30-100 miles. Interior is mostly original however seats have been re-upholstered also back in 2011ish. I would rate the car between a #2 and #3 on Hagerty's rating scale. Probably closer to #2 but remember it is a 47 year old vehicle. NO LEAKS and starts usually on the first attempt but sometimes the second if it has sat for weeks or when it's extremely cold (less than 30 degrees). I'm using a consignor because I feel more comfortable. He has good reviews and has also sold many classics overseas. His website is https://www.codysclassiccars.com/
  4. P.S. forgot to add to my post. If the car is in fact an H code than for 1972 that is a 351-2V 240hp engine. It could have an after market 4V that was swapped or as you stated, it's just badging
  5. I would suggest spending about $300 for a classic car inspection service as I did. Hagerty insurance advertises Road Ready Certified (https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2012/11/09/road-ready-certified). It really helped me avoid a problem with a car I was looking at from VOLO Cars (like the one in the beginning of your thread). I avoided getting a car that had a leak problem, grinding brakes, and smoke coming off the engine when the car was started and run. These services go out an do a fairly good inspection that provides you a report, pictures, and test drive. You can also request specific things you would like them to look at - for me it was a magnet test on all panels to make sure I wasn't getting a bondo car.
  6. 1972 F-code with a transplanted Q-code, FMX, Sportsroof poems by John Mcgrath
  7. Beautiful!! I really hope you get it out on nice weekends and take it for a drive. When I'm in mine it really brings me back to a better, earlier time - and the looks! I see a Trans-Am that somehow snuck into the picture.
  8. don't use the metro glass. I have a 72 windshield I bought from them and it is in fact chinese made as my glass installer informed me. I have it sitting in my storage area. Pittsburgh glass is also not an option since I also tried them and they don't carry a fastback glass. I've had other poster's on here say the coupe and fastback glass are the same but can't find anything to validate that claim. I did originally buy a windshield from http://www.psautoglass.com....this guy is located in Wisconsin and used to work for Carlite. He will also etch the date code in the shield if you let him know. Only issue was that the shield had a slight ripple in the lower passenger side of the glass but is hardly noticeable unless you are looking for it. Doesn't affect driving at all. My installer pointed it out to me otherwise I would have never noticed it. I then purchased the Metro glass and they said it was Chinese junk that was different thickness. I eventually had them install the glass I bought from PSA auto. 72 fastback glass is hard to find. I know that I seemed to have gotten the last from them but give them a try, maybe their manufacturer has restocked. BTW this was about 8-9 months ago....
  9. thanks Qcode for the part. I'm now getting my ducks in a row to have some improvements done during the winter months.
  10. Thanks Ray, not too familiar with the site ops...
  11. Sorry for the delay, but yes I'm still looking. I'm not a social media ranger so no clue as to what PM means...
  12. Thanks Steve will give it a shot. Still looking through local junk yards and clubs.
  13. Looking for an original (not after market repro) lower rear valance with exhaust cutouts.
  14. 73Pony....tks, I have actually tried PGW but they do not have any 1972 Fastback Windshields, they do have the on for coupes and verts but not the fastback. Still waiting on the Metro Auto Parts glass to arrive and my windshield installer. You see all these shows and stuff that restore cars and I wonder where the hell they are getting glass from that fits correctly - most important dimension of non-NOS glass is the thickness otherwise the trim doesn't fit or look right unless these restorers are modifying the trim.
  15. Well my experience wasn't too great. I talked to Paul the owner and seemed like a decent guy. Ordered a windshield but just as my specialist was getting ready to install, he noticed a blemish (a rippling) on the passenger side. Called and talked to him about this, he agreed to try another vendor he worked with. Well that windshield came back to them broken and he had his secretary leave me a message about this and said there wasn't anymore windshields for the forseeable future. I called, left messages, sent emails over two weeks trying to get some sort of explanation and understanding on how I could have gotten the last two 1972 Fastback windshields in the country and both were defective. I truly believe Paul is a good guy however, getting a hold of them when your order doesn't work out is very difficult. I've moved on and ordered, I hope, a windshield from Metro Auto Glass who has told me that they have a network of vendors that make glass to the original specs. My shield has just shipped (about $100 less) so we'll see whether this entire adventure was worth it. Should have stayed with the sandblasted glass I have now although it's not noticeable until your driving east into the morning sun.
  16. Thanks, I did see this one earlier but that's a non-starter for me.
  17. Anyone know where you can obtain NOS windshield or at least a manufacturer of classic car glass that is made to the specifications of the original?
  18. 1972 Sportsroof F-code with a period correct Q-code engine
  19. Very sharp and clean. I hope you really enjoy this beauty!
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