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  1. I agree with Geoff. Had my entire car done with Graphic Express's Mach 1 stripe kit. Excellent quality, problem-free install.
  2. Carpenter's parts were always the anti-Scott Drake. Never had a problem with fit and finish. Drake's parts, on the other hand, never fit. I swear they were designed by Stevie Wonder.
  3. I can confirm the February release date for the revised 990 rear sway bar. I spoke with Addco on Nov. 27th. Despite their website talking about "all 990s currently in stock", they admitted they actually have none in stock. New bars will be available after Feb. 14, 2021. I also suggested, like Stanglover, that they update their website description of the bar to indicate its unavailability. Not holding my breath for them to do that.
  4. Hi Tegemus,

    Regarding the QA1Single Adjustable Rear Shock for your 71 mach 1 .....the QA! p/n for the Rear Shock is TS601 ..... this rear shock is for 1964 thru 1973 Mustangs. If you order from JEGS online they cost 159.99     shipping is free

    1. Tegemus


      Thanks for the info, Outrider4. Appreciate it.

  5. Outrider4, Are you using the Stocker Star single adjustable in the rear? QA1 website states they're for front-don't give you a choice for rear. I'd like to be sure before I order them.
  6. T Hey Geoff I did the sign-up thing as Barry outlined and could find no discount, either. Lost a lot of discount cash since I ordered 1,000 copies (just kidding). Perhaps it's the international thing, as you stated. Shipping to Canada costs almost as much as the calendar itself. But it's all worth, because I love this group and its members (sniffling, weeping uncontrollably).
  7. Well, in that case, I'll take 1,000 copies! Thanks for the cover!
  8. Hey Rocketfoot, I noticed my "Life is too short" photo is being used on the club's Facebook page to promote the calendar. Does my photo actually appear in the calendar, or is it simply being used as advertising?
  9. Tegemus


    Wow, what a compliment! Thanks, machattack.
  10. Tegemus


    Shot I took in the garage today.
  11. The sportslamps are NOS replacements. I love tracking down NOS parts. Part detective work, part scavenger hunt.
  12. Just had her 50th a couple of months ago. Built on August 14, 1970 at Dearborn Assembly Plant. 1971 model year production began there on August 3, 1970, making this a very early (1,779th Ford) build. Sold to her first owner at Richards-Heath Ford, Villa Rica, Georgia, on September 25, 1970.
  13. Just to give you an idea of how our '71-'73's compare to a modern Stang, my '71 Mach 1 is only 1.4 inches longer than my 2011 Mustang convertible. Barry
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