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  1. Thank you. wish i would of known before i did Wheel Vintiques
  2. Right on . Thats funny. because the tires were the easy part. from Tire Rack. but the rims. was like pulling hairs for the wide correct offset magnums. . i'll post more pics another time my friend
  3. Thanks man. waited 6 months for Wheel Vintique to make the wheels. had to custom make the 5 1/2 back space. running a 295 BFG tire
  4. Wow. love the new fat tire and wheel upgrade on my 73 Q Code
  5. . Finally got my 15X10 magnum 500's. very happy with he new look and stance. The wheels had to be custom made with a 5 1/2 inch backspacing. Thank you to everyone that shared technical advice for the right fitment. Rubber is BGF 295's. everything fit perfect with no mods
  6. Thank you very much. and aloha to you
  7. For sure my friend. We can jump in the Mach and take a spin around the island
  8. I edited your post to notify you via email when you get a response. If you click on edit post you will see a section towards the bottom for Thread Subscription choices. Awesome!! thank you very much
  9. I just got off the horn with sales person at Wheel Vintques. they can make the 15X10 with a 5.5 back spacing for $254. plus $114.00 per whel for shipping to hawaii ( ouch). Gonna try hit up Summit racing next Hi Robby, Another Forum member was asking about the same deal as you are. Here is a link to that post for your reference. Thanks also Eric for your kind words above and using me as a reference - it's appreciated. http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-10x15s-on-the-rear Hope that helps.::thumb:: Greg.:) Excellent reference. i am now confident i can make the swap to larger wheels and tires fit..thank you very much
  10. I just got off the horn with sales person at Wheel Vintques. they can make the 15X10 with a 5.5 back spacing for $254. plus $114.00 per whel for shipping to hawaii ( ouch). Gonna try hit up Summit racing next
  11. Hey man. thank you for the 411. So minimum 5" back spacing. and i should have no issues with rubbing. thats great news bro. now i just need to find out who sells them with that amount of back space and "IF" thy can ship to hawaii..lol
  12. Hey All. Does anyone know if any mods are neccessary to install 15X10 magnum 500's on the rear of our 73 Mach 1 Q Code. and what size BFG TA tire i should run. I'm hoping the response will be that i can just bolt them right up and they wont rub. lol. New to this site and still trying to figure out how to use it. My puter not notifying me when someone responds to my thread. Thank you
  13. I bet! When I visited Maui I kept thinking how fun it would be to have the convertible there. (except when it was raining). You found yourself a great looking car for sure! There's an old guy that lives in maui with a gorgeous 73 Q Code CJ. right before he and i sealed the deal on the car. he backed out and said.. h couldnt go through with letting her go..lol but completely understandable. also..thank you for the comps on our find.
  14. Come on out to hawaii and we'll take you guys for a ride through waikiki and burn some rubber off the Q Code..lol
  15. Hey..Thanks Greg, Marti report says only 949 made in this color scheme out of Ohio.
  16. I bet not. What island do you live on? We are on the island of Oahu..Honolulu,,thanks
  17. Thanks to everyone on here for the comps. we are super excited for our car to land on the island, there are not many 71 to 73 machs in hawaii
  18. Aloha from Hawaii Thank you for the add. My wife and i just invested in a fully restored Grabber Blue 73 Mach 1 Q Code 351 CJ from Flemmings Ultimate Garage out of Maryland. The car was trucked all the way across the country to the west coast. and is currently on its way to hawaii via Matson cargo ship. Ownimng a 71 to 73 mach has always been on my bucket list. and now after alot of hard work i am finally owning one. Nice to know there is forums such as yours we can visit to gather information and be a part of likeminded Mach owners. thank you again. Robby and Junko
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