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  1. Has anyone tried the Scott Drake interior quarter panels yet? If so how did you like them? Scott Drake D1ZZ-6331486/7P Mustang Quarter Panels FB 1971-73 (cjponyparts.com) Even though they come in black should I die them in black for a better look or leave them as is? Are there other manufacturers/vendors I should look into. I'd like to replace the ones I have in black.
  2. I also had my steering box rebuilt with the 12.7:1 ratio and I love it. Combined with new bushings all the way around, new shocks and radials, these cars never handled so well.
  3. I did the Tremec 5 speed conversion with the kit from MDL about two years ago. No holes had to be drilled and I was able use the OEM shifter boot once I found a round shifter from Hurst that looked just like the OEM. My car was originally a 4 speed car so the conversion was easy. The only thing I had to send out was getting the driveshaft shortened (I forget how much). The kit is vary complete and includes: transmission, bell housing, clutch, flywheel, cross member, speedo-cable, clutch lever, slip yoke, shifter handle and knob plus all the hardware and brackets required. It was the details like the cable for the clutch that replaces the "Z-bar" which made for much smother and less effort clutch engagement that made the kit worth it. While I had the clutch/brake pedal assembly out I also replaced the bushings. Here are some pictures...
  4. Nice looking Car! Welcome from North Carolina. Hey, nice looking car! There are a couple of us who live in the Phoenix area that have 71 - 73s and get together every so often. I'll send you a PM
  5. I'm looking for a "HI" horn for my 72 Fastback for sale (please PM me). Or are the other Fords that use the same horn, I live near Desert Valley Auto near Phoenix could probably find something that works. Thanks, Kevin Z
  6. Hi Max, looks like your first post so welcome to the forum. Please post an introduction thread! I have not fixed the squeak yet. I've been doing trans seal, u-joints, etc. Hopefully I'll get to the squeak soon. I had to replace the upper and lower column bearings. My column was not making noise but felt as if there were flat spots on the bearings. On inspection it looked as if one of the upper ball bearings fatigued or corroded. The bearings were much smaller than I thought they would be so I could see them having issues after 45+ years. Once I replaced the bearings the steering was nice and smooth. I would replace both while you have the steering column out. It should be noticed that I did not notice this until I rebuilt the steering box with the faster 12:1 ratio gear set. Prior to this the ballpoints and bushing were replaced. With radial tires on the car it rides better than in the 70s.
  7. Kevin Z


    Actually a Sportsroof (fast back). It was not available on Mach 1 or if you had the Decor Group. My Q 72 vert has it but they welded up all the holes and were removing. It included the lower rocker molding and the wheel opening moldings I believe. The odd part of the option was the locking spare tire. Yes a key lock on the spare tire. I guess that was part of the protection. Picture is of one of the locks I added to my Mach 1. It may have also included the bumper guards I would have to go look at the Ford facts book on that one. Most of the spare tire locks got tossed I do see them on Ebay often. It is a pretty common option that had the side bump strips removed from lots of cars. Here are the numbers. 1971 Coupes, 15,575 Fastback, 1,915 Vert, 1,259 1972 Coupes, 17,380 Fastback, 1,575 Vert, 1,645 1973 Coupes, 15,882 Fastback, 1,755 Vert, 2825 That is from Marti's Mustang by the Numbers book. David Hey, thanks for the info!
  8. Kevin Z


    Actually a Sportsroof (fast back).
  9. Kevin Z


    No, I think that is on the lower trim by the rocker panels. What I'm looing for is the trim with the black plastic insert above the wheel openings. Below is a photo of the trim on the drivers side front fender.
  10. Kevin Z


    Wanted to buy: Side molding trim from the Appearance Protection Package. This is the side trim that runs from the front fender to the leading edge of the rear quarter panel. Complete or as pieces. I am also looking for the clips that attach the trim to the body. Please send me a PM. Thanks!
  11. I'll go ,pavilions sounds good or portillo let me know Hi and welcome to the board! Make sure to post up an 'Introduction' post, you will get lots of replies. There are a lot of great folks on this board and a lot of help available. I'm in for meeting at the Pavillions, which Saturday?
  12. My car came with the door speakers and I want to replace them. I would prefer to have the speakers in hand before I pull the door panel off. The size seams to be 4" x 6", can someone confirm?
  13. I need to refurbish or replace the A/C - Heater Rotary Vacuum Switch. It leaks and does not close the damper to the defroster. All the vacuum actuators works, this is the last of mu HVAC system that needs restoration. Does anyone have any suggestions? Classic Auto Air sells one, that I believe is refurbished. See photos of the switch... private picture upload
  14. My 72 sports roof did not come with the windshield washer system. I've bought the hose kit and a new washer bottle but I'm not sure how the hoses are run. Can someone post some photos of how they are run and secured particularly in the cowl area.
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