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  1. Made it to 49 today! Still parked safely in a garage. I started her up and drove her a few times this year but the last startup produced a leaky accelerator pump on the center carb. It's a cheap and easy fix so now that it is cooling off a bit I plan on getting it done and driving her around some while the weather is nice. I want to make sure she hits the road a year from now on the 50th birthday of her rolling off the line. It's weird to think when I got this Mustang that cars from the 30's and 40's were hitting the half century mark. The technology jump from those years to the Mustang were crazy and now, almost 50 years later, it's crazy again.
  2. I am not sure if you got an answer to your original question. I have pulled and in stalled the heads from my 351C 4v that has ARP studs in my 73 convertible.
  3. Well, the old girl hit 48 today. It's hard to believe in just two years it will be half a century old. I've owned it for most of it's 'life'.
  4. I had a bit of problems with my Cragar S/S. I think I just wasn't torquing them tight enough. Never had one fall off but it would make a lot of noise. Unilug....
  5. It guess it was in South East Orlando Florida. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kw2s3gbPopo&t=103s It's part of a montage of videos but I believe it will start at the Mustang losing its rear wheel. Ouch!
  6. If you are not trying to look 100% correct you can just put a ring terminal on the end and secure with the proper nut. A bit of shrink tubing covering the crimp will make it look nicer too.
  7. Thanks for sharing, that's a really good looking car. And it sounds good too!
  8. How about a warning before posting those kinds of pics. ;) That's just painful to look at. It's hard to believe that car rolled off brand new and in perfect condition from an assembly line. Poor thing.
  9. After almost two years of sitting and not starting it up I changed the oil and fired life into the engine! I took it for a trip to the gas station and put some fresh gas in. Overall it did well. The tranny shifted crisp, the brakes had good feel. A bit of noise from the power steering at first but it quieted down. I park the car at my moms house because we don't have room for a fourth car here at home. My Jeep Cherokee has been getting all of the love over the past couple of years. So I don't start it or drive it very much but I think this is going to change. I love driving it. I love the sound. I love the old school feel. And it is beautiful too! So excited.
  10. Happy new year Vinnie (And everyone!)
  11. That's a clever idea for sure.
  12. Hit 47 yesterday. (I am a bit late, I am traveling on business). She's been ignored a bit. Early November I am going to have it towed home, change the oil, check the fluids and fire her back up. Put some fresh gas, give her a bath and then drive around! I probably need to put on some new tires, but that means possibly new rims too. I am looking forward to some seat time.
  13. Here's how I got the long ones back out and the short ones in... https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-hooker-headers-super-comp-to-comp-swap?highlight=hooker
  14. Welcome from another convertible owner in beautiful Phoenix Arizona. That's a nice looking car you have there. You've found a great place to get info and encouragement for your Mustang.
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