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  1. I am currently repainting my engine compartment, working on painting the grill. Thanks for the information concerning the Duplicolor Ford Charcoal Grey Metallic paint to use around the head lights. I noticed that it was not Semi Black or Slop Grey as most of the other parts. I also plan to try the NPD Argent (Silver) paint for the silver area in my 1971 Standard Grille. Do you think that will work?
  2. I installed a similar kit from GPS yesterday and I was wondering if you have experienced any problem with your flexible brake line connection I had to remove the last screw holding my stock hard line to the frame on each side to get the end of the provided flex line to connect. The connection that came with the kit was about a quarter of an inch too short. Also the line seems little long. I have not bled the system yet.
  3. I wish I had known that before I wired mine to the fuse box. But I guess it is never too late to go back and change it.
  4. Problem solved! - I found a black elbow that fits on the PCV (Dorman 46017) with an opening for a 3/8" ID. I also bought a 3/8" to 3/8" barb to use with the 3 feet of 3/8" PCV/fuel line. This will allow me to use my stock cap and make a clean connection to the front of the 1403 Edelbrock (recommended by Edelbrock) or to the back using another connector to the rear.
  5. I got a 71 convertible and it only has one. Woodrow
  6. Welcome from North Carolina! Woodrow
  7. Yep - I thought about that. The 3/8" gas line was not the perfect fit in the old stock, molded PCV hose but I am sure a "new" one - with a little trimming would work. Thanks
  8. Thanks Jason. You are the best. Saved me some time as well. I am hoping this upgrade is going to work. Seems like every time you buy one thing - you need to buy something else. Woodrow
  9. I am still waiting on parts for my new carburetor project for my stock 302 - but I can see the PCV is going to be a problem. The smaller PCV on the Edelbrock 1403 is in the front and uses a 3/8 ID - (I think that's the correct term for the inner dimensions for the hose). I fuel line fits perfect. But the PCV is a tab larger than 1/2" ID. Can I find a hose with those kind of measurements or do I just need to just look for use some kind of hose adapter to connect the two. Has anybody else had this problem and what did you do. I know some of you guys are running Edelbrock carburetors. Here is a picture pic upload edit
  10. Change of mind on the spacer. The 1403 will fit without the spacer - but it will be tight on the throttle side since I had to order and add the Ford 1483 throttle kit for my kickdown for the tranny. So I did my measurements with the play dough and had about 2&1/4 inches to the hood - and I ordered the Edelbrock 8711, 1" Phenolic spacer and a couple of 4 hole gaskets (Summit G1417) as well as another open gasket (Summit G1418). Also while I was spending I just bought the nice chrome single-feed fuel line kit (Edl-8126) to clean up that side of the carb.
  11. Maybe I can handle this intake by myself - I always had to call in help with the stock one.
  12. And I am still trying to figure out exactly how to reduce the size of the hose on my stock PVC hose to the smaller size of the PVC in the front or the back.
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