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  1. Just talked to the mechanic. He sais, he has the original schematics of the car and tachometer, but it didnt work. So if you guys know of any "speciality" or something the mechanic might have missed, it would be great if you could give me some good advices. I'll relay them to him.
  2. After my last try (and fail) with replacing a complete cluster on my old 69 camaro, i used a professional oldtimer/mustang garage this time. ;) I did not talk to them yet, but they wrote me an email that the tachometer was broken. So no details yet, but i'm pretty sure they know how to connect the tach correctly ... or so i hope. I will add more info tomorrow after a call.
  3. Hi there. i got a complete instrument cluster for my 73 mustang mach one a couple month ago. Even got a shiny replacement harness from someone on this forum for it (tnx @midlife ::thumb:: ). Today i found out that the tachometer seems to be broken. I cant find any replacement parts at any of the usual online shops or ebay. Do you guys have any advice on where i could find one? Tnx!
  4. Tnx for the hint. I found those LED in my local amazon store, even in white. Didnt know they were so common :)
  5. I wanted to do this but didnt find anything where i was sure enough that it would fit. Only thing was a full set of LEDs, but with bright blue LEDs for the normal lights. Im just not sure that wouldnt make it look to modern. Any hint where i could find good LEDs?
  6. Yesterday was the day i finally got my Mach1. I sent it to the repair shop after buying as the braks were horrible and carburator had issues. Was a bit longer than expected as the shop discovered some more things i didnt see when buying. But yesterday ... finaly on the road Had a real good day with two friends (a buick skylark and torino) driving around the area. And then, we just seperated and drove for home ... engine dead. My mechanic told me the carburator might go a bit too hotand give me headaches then. So i wasn't to annoyed. Waited and started, nothing, only the starter working it's ass off. Waiting again, starting ... by now the battery decided to break down. My mechanic luckily wasnt far away and started to jump-start. Nope, battery is not low, it's broken. A now one was in his trunk by luck so we took this one. Still no starting engine. My friends from earler showed up with some startpilot (dont know the english word. The spray to help starting a stalled engine). Still nothing ... By then tow service was the only option left. Everything was planned. My first day turning out to be my last again ... then someone noticed a small loose wire dangling behind the ignition coil. Plugged in, started on first try even with completely soaked engine. :D Well, might not sound like much of a story, but thought it fun that such a small and easy problem can have such consequences ;) PS: Got time for a shooting a moment later Any similar stories to share? ;)
  7. While we'*re at it. does anyone know a way of restoring a very slightly scratched lens for the cluster? Replacement doest seem an option as only non-tach lenses are available. And thanks for the advice so far!
  8. Hi there, i just managed to get a nicely looking gauge cluster from ebay to replace the after market stuff i got the car with. Condition looks good, but the film on it's back might not be in a good enough condition. The metal lines aren't fixed to the film anymore in some small places. Probably still connecting as it should (Will have to check) but i might get shorts in the future. So, is it possible to get new replacement film anywhere or would you suggest rewiring it with normal wires? PS: and on a sidenote. I should be ably to test the gauges with 12V according to the wiring plans, right? Looks like this (not mine):
  9. Hi aus München! Nice to see there are some more Mach 1 in germany.
  10. Hi there, i own a 73 mustang mach 1 and have some problems with german approvals (TÜV). I got the car with a combination of 15" back and 14" front rims which won't get approved here. They say i need same size wheels. In the end i got a permit for 15" rim front and back. Now i need to buy new rims and wheels to fit that permit and i dont know what rims sizes/specs i need to order. Does anyone know the "official" rim sizes of a 73 mach 1 as delivered from the factory? Or did they ship with some 14" variants? Don't know if that helps (might be german specific) but the full wheel specs in my approval is 235/60R15 84H And there is another note about the rims with 7JX15.
  11. I couldnt find any information on this on the net, so maybe you guys know... I just noticed that my gear letters (automatic shifter, seems to be the original one of the 73' mustang) have no backlight, meaning i cant see anything on them when it's dark outside. Im a bit new to automatic gears, so finding the right gear is a bit difficult in total darkness. Isn't there supposed to be some form of light on those gear letters? If so, do you guys have a link to some diagram or photo of the insides behind the bezel?
  12. I just found out that my mach 1 has deluxe hardware but standard interior. That means of course that the handles are looking badly displaced. Do you guys know if I can just remove the small plate that shifts the handle ~3cm lower as seen above on the deluxe handle hardware to use it with the standard handle and standard covers?
  13. Hi there, i just got myself a nice red 73' mustang mach 1, after 2 years of searching and am looking for some people to share stories with and maybe get some advice here and there. I had a 69' Camaro for 6 years before that, hope that doesnt get me thrown out. ;) Im living in munich, southern germany. You might now it from oktoberfest, which is open currently. I'll post some more details and photos of the car as soon as i had the chance to get my number plates and drive it around for some nice photos. Looking forward to getting to know you guys...
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