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  1. Over all I like what he has done. I would do a few changes to the car myself but just because I would like the changes, does not mean someone else would. When you look at the car, Chip and the builders took a 71 body and grafted it onto a 2010 Mustang chassis. It took a lot of work and a lot of trial and error. In the end it is a 2010 mustang with a 71 body on it. It was a huge job and I see it is a popular one by reading Classic Mustang Magazines. I think he did a great job as I am all about mixing new with old.
  2. When I see it fully completely completed, then I will judge it. Right now it looks pretty good. Not sold on the 69/70 rear fenders yet.
  3. It looks good. I can't wait to see the finished product
  4. I researched that the 2010 had a 109" wheel base and the stock 71 has a 107" wheel base. I was wondering where the issue was going to be with the extra 2". But if you look at where the issue is, it is just modifying the front fender a bit. I wonder how the hood is going to mount on the car. Two totally different hinge systems from the 71 to the 2010
  5. I just saw a pic from Foose garage with the coyote engine and trans fitted into the Frankenmach....That is my name that I gave it. If this was my car, I would have tracked down a 2013 GT500 5.8L supercharged engine and dropped it in. But my car is a "Q" code 351CJ car. I am so interested in this build he is doing. I wish I had more pics of how they did the grafting of the 1971 to the 2010. I want to see if any stretching had to be done to any part of the 2010 floor or frame to match the 71 body. I know there is a 2" wheel base difference to the two cars but how did that get rectified? And I also see he has the electric steering rack installed too. The 2010 interior is going to be fitted to the 71. It is going to look amazing.
  6. I think this is going to be an amazing build. Taking a 2010 GT500 and basically cutting off the body and grafting a 71 Mustang body to it is a great idea. I like that fact that the parts are updated to the 71 and the car will drive and react like a GT500. I am very interested in this build now! Purists I do understand that you like what Ford did back in the days with the technology that was at there disposal. For me I can see how the minds of the engineer worked back then. I see how they took things to the next level. I see what they were going for. I am with Chip Foose on this build car. Updated it to the level you can and showcase the work you can do by using what Ford has to offer. The 2010 Stang has a full tied together unibody with a great steering system and a 8.8" rear diff. The interior of the 2010 will look like a re-modded classic interior. That coyote with the blower and a 6 speed trans behind it will be amazing. I love the fact that new is mixed with old to make a classic better.
  7. Keep up the good work. You are motivating me to think outside the box on my build.
  8. yeah. I Just need to find the best front and rear suspension system for my Mustang. And yes I will mini tub the rear.
  9. Well wouldn't most of the Mii suspension systems have modified that already? Look how many hot rods out there run a SLA system. I mean a steering box in a car with a bunch of links to a spindle and two rods running to the rad support to support the front end is an old outdated system. Even 1/2 ton pick up trucks don't use a steering box anymore. I am all for the SLA steering rack upgrade.
  10. I know the Roadster Shop frame you have to cut out the floor and drop the body on. The Schwartz frame is a bolt in frame but is still very pricy. I was thinking a way to use the crown vic front end in the Mustang but no luck. next is companies like Rod and Custom but I want to use Ford parts that use SN95 hubs and brakes.
  11. Thanks buddy. I might be out that way this coming July. Family trip. Nice. Alberta is still awesome even if the economy has crashed.
  12. Wide-body71.....I think you are going to be my new best friend. And you are only a few Provinces East from me. You are doing an amazing job on your Mustang. Can not wait to see it done.
  13. So I am adding up costs of doing a SLA front kit and rear 4 link kit with the addition of subframe connector and brake systems to my 73. I am also looking at the Roadster shop and Schwartz complete frame systems for the same year. I have gone through a few build projects pages and have not found anyone using the Shawartz or Roadster shop full frame kits. Sure I have seen them use in a couple magazine articles but it never says what they think of the install or fit and finish of the product. Has anyone used a full frame kit for their Mustang in a build?
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