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  1. I have sent my Ford AOD to Monster transmission, Has anyone used these guys and what was your experience? They will be building it to there ss model to hold 600hp/550ft.
  2. Thanks to everyone on there input, I did not mention one fact in my original post, I forgot to mention this vibration I had is with no drive shaft installed just sitting in one place. UPDATE: so what I did was pulled trans. installed bell housing off a fmx to mount starter. then ran engine with just flex plate, Ran Fine no vibration, Then installed converter and ran with just converter and flex plate and no vibration. then installed trans again and vibration is back. I have figured it is something in trans that is the issue. So im sending it to Monster Transmission to have it built.
  3. it sound like I will pull trans and try both flexplates and see what one vibrates first. then go to next part like converter.
  4. Ok, im new to the mustang world so your info would be great. I have a 72 mustang that I bought in pieces, so I found a cheap 351c stock 2v with a fmx trans attached. I never seen or heard it run, I installed and it run great, BUT it had a crazy vibration off idle.so I pulled trans and found it had a new flex plate on it.it turned out to be a 50oz, I replaced it with a 28oz and bam, its fixed. Now I have been driving this for a year and have decided to swap to an AOD, Now here is my issue, the AOD came with a 50oz so when I swapped it out I left the 28oz on because I thought it would vibrate again with a 50oz, now it vibrates again like it did with the 50 oz, So my question is does the engine dictate what weight you need or the trans? sorry about the novel but just wanted to tell everything that has happened.
  6. yes I am running halogens, I have orderd a NOS light switch. so now my question is how to wire it to a resistor or relay? if I wire through resistor then what size? and where do I wire that at? I have no electrical experience as you can tell.
  7. ok, Im just getting to the point where I am able to drive my car, now on its first run down the street, I have one issue, the lights are on for about 10-15 minutes then just go out. I then can shut them off and turn them back on and they then stay on for about 3-4 minutes then go out. and they just repeat this 3-4 minute intervals. do you think its the light switch heating up? or something else?
  8. just to fill everyone in on what the issue was on this, as I went through all the wiring I found that where the plug in on the steering column is, there were two of the wires pulled out of the plug in just a little. pushed them back in and all is well. Thanks to all for the replies and comments.
  9. Parkka, Thanks, perfect picture that's what I was looking for.
  10. Ok, im still assembling my car and I have started the front clip. I bought this car in pieces as a rusted shell with boxes of junk parts in it and have no other one to look at for a reference, Can anyone tell me where the front fender supports go, I bought new ones but not sure where they go, It looks to me as if they go from the middle bolt where the valance bolts to fender then up to radiator support. does anyone have pictures?
  11. i am also looking at using these two ports as well, so what I did was I baught two identical temp gages and hooked one to each port, there I only 3 degrees difference at all levels of temp, I now have my electric fans on one and temp gage on the other. they both work when suppost to. the fan is set to turn on at 185 and they turn on when my temp gage hits just below 190. works great.
  12. DON, When using turn signals by hand the turn signals all work at lights and dash indicators. these are all new bulbs through out. wires all seam to be connected at lights, as far a grounding goes I have a ground wire from battery to engine but I will have to check on the engine to chassis. as far as under dash connectors I believe everything seems fine except for the wires going to the two curtacy lights, also now that you mention it I don't remember seeing my instrument lights on either. I will have to check those tonight as well when I get home.could all these be connected?
  13. My 72 vert is going together ok at this point but I have installed the tail lights and the turn signals only work if I work the handle by hand, they will blink fine if I do it by hand but don't work on there own, I replaced the blinker relay and still nothing, Also I have no break lights, all other lights work good. do you have any ideas as to what I can check?
  15. Don, it looks like the red wire has hash marks not dots. And trans in an fmx. As for the horrible shape of wires, the good thing it the damage seems to all be after the plugs so I will be in search for new wire harnesses after the plugs, I have a couple of parts cars that may have them on there that I know are sitting in fields with no engines in them. I just need to get over there and see if they are in better shape.
  16. it sound like I should add some info on car? this is a non air and no power windows or locks, its a pretty bar bones car from the factory. I added a new HEI distributor so there is no external coil anymore. this is what I have so far. four wire plug: red with tl green stripe I have connected to my hei for constant 12v to power it. red with white stripe, temp sensor white with red stripe: oil pressure sensor black with yellow dots: no idea. now the two wire plug im still stumped on, there is one red wire and one brown wire going in but only one red wire coming out, there is no volts to it with the key on or off..
  17. Thanks for the help.her is a picture of plug in for brake light
  18. Ok, I have a 72 convertible I bought as a project in pieces, I have put a Cleveland in it and trying to figure out some wiring in the engine compartment, I have a plug, at the fire wall that has 4 wires coming out black with white dots, red with white stripe, red with green stripe and red with what looks like yellow stripe .i believe one is the temp light but not sure on the rest or where they go, im not very good at electric scheumatics and cant seem to figure them out, I also have the wo wires coming from the brakes into a plug, one brown wire and one red wire but then come off the other end of the plug as only one red wire,if I hook this red wire to anything the brake light comes on, where does this go?
  19. Any suggestions on wheel backspacing and offset, I bought tire for my 72 convertible and waiting to order wheels to see what I want, tires are rear 255/50/17 and fronts are 255/40/17. im looking at the American racing wheels vn501 in the 9-9-1/2 wide rang, any suggestions on spacing? im trying to keep the tire just inside the fender wells enough that they will not rub, I don't think I will have that problem but you never know, the rear tires are 27" tall and the fronts are 25" tall.
  20. what are your thoughts on the aftermarket nasa hoods? I have an original hood but it is in need of a lot of work, Do repair or replace with aftermarket? Has anyone had any problems with them?
  21. Need some advice, I have a 72 convertible with 351c that is being bored and stroked to 393, This has not ran yet, still in restoration phase.do you think I need to strengthen the frame up and if so do they sell a kit?
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