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  1. Damn that looks very clean, I just finished the crank and rod bearings and piston rings on mine after a few weeks of soaking the pistons to remove carbon. I need to get my head gasket surfaces clean like that. Can't wait to see your dyno as I am still waiting on my damn cam kit myself
  2. my oil pan has the baffle and the valve covers have the drippers, the block also has the 2 oil holes
  3. I have a quart of PPG DDL-9381 that I bought for doing the hood blackout on my mach a while ago and I never used it. Asking price of $350 but will more than likely take the best offer as I don't know what it is worth.
  4. https://www.macsautoparts.com/ford_mustang/ford-mustang-radiator-support-423814.html
  5. i was able to finish one of the rear wheel wells today. I torched all the undercoating to check if anything needed to be fixed and then sanded and primed, then painted it. While i was there i stripped the rust off the drum and clear coated the outside.
  6. Hello, I'm looking for a distributor and 4v exhaust manifolds to finish the correct 351C that will go in my mach during the winter. I'm looking for correct stuff to fit a 10/05/1970 build date 1971 Mach 1.
  7. It has 2 models one that for some reason only comes in a gray which is the worst idea and then the other model with any other color
  8. hate it because its clearly been pitched by a clown that has no education on the subject. I don't get the gray model at all, its pretty stupid to limit it to 1 color for that model. Also a $50k base MSRP? You can get much nicer and better performing cars for the same price or cheaper. No shaker hood either is a pretty huge disappointment. If I see one on the street I guess it would be cool but I'd never drool over this cash grab car. They're just trying to suppress the "crappy Mustang SUV" critics. At least it makes 480 hp I guess
  9. It looks like it needs inner and outer rockers because of the pinch weld condition, if you want to replace the floors they sell pre molded sheet metal. If you just want one very badly and can do all the work yourself its probably an ok purchase
  10. Would this work? It looks correct to me but I'm no expert https://www.classicindustries.com/product/1971/ford/mustang/parts/k51498.html
  11. Very helpful, I'm gonna keep looking using the picture as a guide. The people who restored the car painted my trunk a blue white spatter
  12. I see the Zolatones still being sold, I can't find any of the PPG, Dupont, Sherwin Williams options on online stores at least. Is the eastwood trunk paint even anything close to a match? https://www.eastwood.com/ew-trunk-paint-gray-black-aerosol-12-oz.html
  13. Thanks for the help, Which of the Zolatones is the best match?
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