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  1. I have officially named the car in what seemed to me to be the most fitting way possible. . . By spray painting it across the naturally rusty hood of course! The build won't really start until I finish putting my trucks turbo back on but hopefully it won't be too long before I get to start this thing for real.
  2. I am going to do some sort of full tube frame and upgrade in the front. I am gonna go with big disc and probably 4 or 6 piston calipers as well as a steering rack and fully custom knuckles to allow for more angle and 0 ackerman. I will hopefully start seriously building it in the next month or so depending on what happens with my truck that I am in the process of replacing the turbo on.
  3. Yeah it's a more of for fun and the laughs the car will generate as they see me trolling down the street lol. That's why I got on this forum, as I don't know a lot about this age of mustang. I know what a drift car needs and how to achieve it but I don't know the little "quirks" about these cars I guess you could say.
  4. I want to do a sequential transmission in my mustang 302, but I know nothing of the subject of this type of trans. Any and all knowledge/advice is welcome. Thanks!
  5. That's a part of the reason why I am converting to rack and pinion. I am also going to have to shorten the steering arms on the knuckles to make them get more angle. Not to mention all the cutting for clearance at full lock. BTW I like the video of your mustang, it's really well done and looks great.
  6. The only other time I have seen a drift car like this is the Hoonicorn but that thing is only 1% of the original car considering that the whole thing is a tube frame with an early mustang coupe body welded on
  7. I've had a 71 Mustang Grande for roughly 6 Years and it has sat dormant in my driveway for about the last 3 years. I have finally gotten to the point I want to see it do something cool and go from it's last legs of life to burning rubber and hitting serious angle. I have a full overhaul of the suspension steering and engine in line for the car. At the moment all I've gotten done is removed the grill, chrome trim around the vinyl roof, hubcaps, and other various trim pieces. I have also pretty much finished its rattle can makeover from white to satin black. In the coming year or two I will be doing coilovers, rack and pinion steering, rear lowering springs+slapperbars, 17x10 volk te37v's on toyo R888's, full disc brake upgrade, higher rear end gearing(Haven't decided yet), full cage seats and harnesses, extreme angle steering upgrades, heads, cam, tunnel ram intake, dual quad barrel carbs, sequential transmission, hydraulic e-brake, full custom dash and probably more that I haven't decided just yet.
  8. I don't know what the ginger interior is exactly but its a blue and gray interior.
  9. What trim? the one on the outside of the rocker or on top of the rocker in the door jam?
  10. What is your interior color , is it a Mach 1 or Grandé Its a grande and its a sort of bluish faded color
  11. Y'all asked for photos so here's the "Ugly Pony". Sorry for the wait, I couldn't figure out how to get photos from my iPhone onto my laptop. Hope y'all enjoy. I'll be soon to post them up on the build forum too. See you there!
  12. I am stripping the whole interior from my 1971 Ford mustang. All of the chrome trim is going as well. (Around the front wheel wells, rocker strips, and some of the vinyl roof trim is in repairable condition) I have an ac compressor which I believe to be broken. Eventually I'll be removing the heads, and the intake+carburetor. My grille is in good condition other than a crack in the top by the passenger side headlight. None of the engine parts (Except air cleaner, carb, and intake) or wheels are for sale just yet because I don't have replacements in stock for them at the time being. If you want one of those I will put them on hold for the first person who ask for them.
  13. I've Had my 71 Mustang for years and only now found this forum. My Mustang was my first car and has sat since its auto trans took a dump. I have since taken to building the most absurd thing to hit the streets I can handle. I have a full plan on making it into a sort of full on drift/autocross monster. Not trying to offend the "Mustang purists" just trying to have a good time! If anyone has incite on which bits work well on these cars and which don't, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!!!
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