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  1. I received the push rods yesterday. So, this afternoon I will set the valves and install the intake.
  2. Well finally got the D0AE-N quench heads back from the machine shop. They freshened them up, checked all critical areas and changed valve springs. I ordered an intake, and headers. I decided to go with the Performer RPM since I could not find anyone with an available Blue Thunder. I went with the Doug's D6714 with 1.750" primary tubes and 3" collector.
  3. delawarebill, I will check into Champion radiators, thanks. The stock shroud will work on these?
  4. 73pony, I wish my car had the original radiator to use. Unfortunately that is not the case.
  5. Greetings once again, I am in the process of gathering needed parts for my son's 1973 Q code Mach 1 build. What is the best direct fit factory style radiator and shroud to buy? I want the car to stay cool on 100 degree south Mississippi days. Probably the bigger the better. I will probably do the clutch fan upgrade that Hemikiller suggested in an earlier post.
  6. Mesozoic, What suspension upgrades have you made? Interested in how much drop in front and back. I had planned on 1" drop front and rear with 17 X 8's at all four corners wearing 245 45 R17's. Trying to visualize the stance and ride height. I want the staggered look but its my son's car. I love the stance of your car.
  7. Anyone used Doug's D6714 headers on their build? C6 or AOD clearance issues? Please leave feedback its much appreciated in advance.
  8. Wrobinson, Is this a special order cam ? Boilermaster, Yes, it is a custom grind from Comp Cams. I really wanted to order a custom from Blykins but already had this one available. Blykins seems to understand the specific needs of the 4V. dice d20
  9. In case anyone is wondering about camshaft specs: Competition Cams Hydraulic Roller duration @.050 224/230, ADV duration 275/281, lobe separation 110, intake center 106, lift 569/578 w/1.73 rockers (IVO 31.5, IVC 63.5, EVO 74.5, EVC 26.5, OVERLAP 58).
  10. Yep, that is the spreadsheets I used to come up with the compression numbers.
  11. Greetings guys, I need to know what is a safe dynamic compression ratio for 4V quench heads. The build is for my son's first car a 1973 Q code Mach 1. Currently, I have calculated the static compression at 10.29:1 and dynamic compression at 8.29:1. All calculations were done using spreadsheets provided by one of the 7173mustang forum post by DonC. I do not mind using 91-93 octane if the engine needs it. The 91 octane is fairly easy to find but 93 is getting harder in our area. I have run 9.7-10:1 static compression ratios on pump gas motors before but 10.3:1 seems extreme but this is our first Cleveland. I appreciate your input in advance. 357CI piston .018 in the hole .040 Cometic head gasket Sealed Power flat top piston top ring .375 from crown D0AE-N heads 63CC
  12. Robsweden, I am very interested in knowing the mods done to the 4R70W. Please let me know how the headers fit with the AODE transmission. I am in the process of completing the same swap on my son's 1973 Mach 1. Thank you in advance.
  13. I am really bummed out right now. I just went to Mustang Depots website to order my suspension kit. I got into the cart to pay and read they had permanently closed their doors. Does anyone sell suspension kits that can be upgraded and such like theirs? I am ready to purchase new suspension components for my sons 73 Mach 1. I appreciate any help that can be given.
  14. Yes staggered shocks. Did you have a custom exhaust done or is something available in the aftermarket?
  15. I do not know if the seats have been changed but that is a great point. The heads have already been cleaned up in the ports but nothing more than removing casting flash and smoothing transition areas from what I see. I plan to run a Blue Thunder intake, 1.750 long tube headers into a 2.5" mandrel bent Pypes exhaust with X-pipe to let it breath. You confirmed my theory on the 4R70W and the low end throttle response, thanks. I think the build should yield a streetable 400-425hp pump gas Cleveland.
  16. The heads are D0AE-N quench heads with 63CC chambers. I am having the valves unshrouded and the combustion chambers polished. I think the combustion chamber will grow 5CC's maybe. The short block has a balanced rotating assembly, hyper flat tops CP555 .030, piston is .015 in the hole, and what thickness Cometic MLS head gasket to make desired static compression. I want the motor to be a reliable pump gas piece for my son.
  17. So, 10.1 static compression puts the dynamic CR at 8.1:1. Would that be better? My readings said 8.1 dynamic compression is getting close to capability of pump gas. Can you forward some reading material or data to back the 8.3:1 number?
  18. The build is a father and son project for my soon to be 16 year old son. Yes, it will be a daily driver with fuel injection, AODE/4R70W, and 3.50 gearing. We had four sets of 4V heads available, 3 OC and 1 CC. We chose the CC D0AE-N's because of the adjustable valve train. We have the Crane rocker conversion kit but camshaft specs are outside of its capability. If I were to start from scratch and build a set of heads it would be the small valve D3ZE open chamber. Needless to say the D0AE-N's have stainless valves, new Comp springs, locks, and retainers from prior owner. The CC heads are the easiest and quickest means to an end. No, the motor will not make extreme torque numbers but if that was our goal I would've stroked her. Furthermore E85 is available and a solution too. I appreciate your comments, thanks.
  19. Well I calculated the dynamic compression on the calculator. The ABDC was 63.5 on my camshaft. Interesting enough with static compression around 9.7-9.8:1 the dynamic compression was 7.8-7.9:1. So this absolutely confirms my calculations. I am going to move forward on unshrouding the valves. I will adjust the static compression using Cometic MLS head gaskets. Thank you so much for forwarding the calculator.
  20. I do not have a cam card. All the specs I have came off of the Comp Cam box. I have watched videos on how to use a degree wheel to find the opening and closing rates. Cannot find or calculate dynamic compression without those figures.
  21. Our camshaft is a Comp hydraulic roller with LSA 110, 275/281 advertised duration, 224/230 @ .050 duration, and 569/578 lift with 1.73 rockers. I do not know the opening and closing rates though. I called Comp Cams and they no longer can pull that data for special grinds. I probably should try to spec it out with a degree wheel.
  22. My preference is to be around 9.7-9.8:1 compression. Higher altitudes you can get away with more compression. We are on the coast almost at sea level not as forgiving.
  23. I would like an opinion on which wheel and tire combination to purchase for my son's 1973 Mach 1. I am leaning toward the Ridler 650 wheel which kind of looks like the old Kelsey Hayes wheel. My son wants a no stagger look. I like the idea of 17 X 8, 4.5"bs with 245 50 R17 tires at all four corners. The car will be lowered 1" front and back too. What is your suggestion 17 X 8 or 18 X 8 and tire size?
  24. Guys my question is how many CC's can be gained by unshrouding the valves, 2.19 & 1.71? I know the D0AE-N is supposed to be around 63 CC combustion chamber. I would like to be around 68-70CC's after unshrouding and polishing combustion chambers. Can this be accomplished?
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