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  1. $1,500 plus the ride. SHIPPING To West Coast (CA) $210 +/- To East Cost (NY) $230 +/- To illinois $180 +/- INSURANCE $200 included $20 +/- to add $1,600 with signature.
  2. Hens teeth my man....I had one years ago that I squirreled away for my project but it got stolen out of my garage....Very hard to find in usable condition. Yes, the cougar ones are the same. The biggest problem, other than finding them, is that there are many different wiring configuration for them and they take a specific rag joint...Good luck. I sure with I had on in mine!
  3. I have a real nice clean set of stock CJ Heads with a fresh VJ. DOOE-R. I will try to load the pictures from my camera to the computer but it my take some time. If you are interested send me a text (703)597-3251 and I will send you pictures...Joe
  4. So, which gear did you go with and did it work? Getting ready to do the same to mine and your input would be very helpful.
  5. So I finally have the hockey sticks and the straight piece that goes in the middle of the convertible top well. The hockey sticks have studs and nuts, however, the moddle piece has noting to secure it to the body....... :huh: How does it mount to the body? Is it just held in place by the hockey sticks? Any input would be helpful. Thanks, Joe
  6. Do you still have the "exterior convertible trim - hockey stick parts have pitting, stainless rear piece is nice"?
  7. I am in need of the chrome trim that goes around the Convertible Boot area...
  8. If I do,the left and right pieces are probably pitted. I can deal with a little pitting....
  9. do you still have the chrome trim that goes around the Convertible Boot area?
  10. I am looking for a pair of High Back Bucket Seats. Not looking for show quality, as I will be rebuilding them with new foam and seat covers. Thanks, Joe
  11. Hi, I am looking for a pair of high back bucket seats for my 1972 Mustang, any chance you have salvageable seats? Thanks, Joe
  12. Hi, I am looking for a pair of high back bucket seats for my 1972 Mustang, any chance it has salvageable seats? Thanks, Joe
  13. I purchased this Blue Thunder 429 / 460 COBRA Aluminum T Oil Pan new in 2002 from Branda Performance. It sat on my shelf for 14 years and has only been on my motor to mock it up. I decided to go another route with my build and didn’t want to put this rare piece on a race car so I decided to sell it. They stopped making this pan and it is near impossible to find. It will fit any 429 / 460 block and is a beautiful and fully functioning T pan. All baffles work and there is no damage to the pan, only minor scuffing from the mock up and shelf wear and tear. I can email more pictures on request. $1,500 OBO Free shipping Located in Corpus Christi Texas, 78418
  14. Are those hood springs the heavy duty Mach I (Ram Air) ones, or the regular round ones?
  15. It is actually NOS Stock dual exhaust set up I found years ago at Carsile.
  16. 1972 Mustang Convertible 460 Cobra Jet C6 three speed 9” rear with staggered shocks SSBC Disc Brakes all the was around. I wish I could find my box of pictures of how it all started but here is the short story: I bought ‘ol girl from a guy down in Georgia who had stalled out on fixing her up. He got her from a guy in California. So, it is a rust free California car that was in primer when it was delivered to me on 9/01/2001. I was literally going through her when my wife called down to me and said a plane jus flew into the World Trade Center! She started life with a 3512V and an FMX, but that was soon pulled and I started the long process of collecting the parts for a 429CJ 4 Speed build. In the 12 years that she sat in my garage, I was able to collect 90% of the parts to put her back together but scrapped the plan when I couldn’t find the necessary little pieces for the 4 speed ZBar setup……..So I decided to just throw a beefed up C6 behind the 460CJ that I found…….. Well as many do, the project stalled more than a few times and the shell turned into a place to store crap and hide Christmas presents. I took a transfer for work in 2014 and had to plan a move from VA to TX in about 30 days and the thought briefly crossed my mind to get rid of her but I am glad I didn’t. I had to get rid of a lot of “other” toys / projects but decided to find a way to keep her. So I left her, and all the related parts, with a friend in VA who builds race cars with the agreement that he would put her back together enough for me to ship her down at a later date. Fast-forward three years and I have finally gotten her down here and have started to see things come together. The car was painted in VA and they did not do a half bad job on it. It needs some work, but it looks pretty good. I plan on having the lower trim blacked out and the Mach I stripes added. The motor that he was supposed to rebuild. was not, and when we fired it up, something let loose in the bottom end, so we shut it down. We pulled the motor and are waiting for a reputable local engine builder to get back in shape. I’m hoping it was just something little like a spun baring, but won’t be able to tell until we get her opened up. Unfortunately, I had to get rid of most of my shop equipment during the move so she is sitting at Hot Rod Heaven in Corpus Christi instead of my garage. They are a great group of guys and I have no doubt she is in good hands. Since she has been down here, we got the top installed and put some new rims and tires on her. 15X8 American Racing Torq Thrust II’s all the way around with 245X60 R15 BFG’s up front and 275X60 R15 BFG’s out back. That is where we are now, just waiting to get the engine in it to see what else needs to be done to her before we can get her on the road. This was they day I pulled her out of the garage to take to my buddy's place.
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