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  1. I've found this one online and took a screenshot. It seems that the driverside corner is higher with most cars.
  2. It is about half inch on my car so it must have been good enough ;-)
  3. Hi guys, I am restoring a 1973 convertible. I noticed a big alignment issue of the backseat panel. It looks like it was welded in like this in the factory. The question is , would you leave it this way or would it be better to correct the panel? I am not sure if you would notice it when everything is installed again, so hopefully some convertible owners can advise...
  4. I took a screenshot of the correct part number a while ago...
  5. JD79


    Very nice collection! Room for 1 more ;-) A nice original Mach 1 maybe?
  6. Thanks! Always nice to read a mustang article:-)
  7. Welcome from the Netherlands. Nice car! I like the color
  8. No when I sent samples of all the bezels to the manufacturer, they decided the ones for the top and rear defrost would be too expensive Thanks for the info Don. Shame it is too expensive to repro those bezels. Most of the Top switch bezels have a lot of pitting. Guess the convertible production numbers of the the 71-73 are too low to justify the production.
  9. Hopefully the convertible top switch will be reproduced one day as well!
  10. That is horrible! Glad you are ok! I hope you get the insurance sorted out quickly. The amount of damage is shocking for the speed you were doing. It really shows how new cars have improved on safety. Good luck with the restoration.
  11. Beautiful car! I would keep it original if it was mine. Since it is a 1973 , my understanding is that you don’t need leaded fuel . The 1971 and 1972 apparently do need leaded fuel. Maybe somebody else on the forum has more info regarding the leaded fuel requirement....
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