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  1. Great effort there Vinnie Not sure how to go with my flat hood but the swimming pool option is sounding good
  2. Hey Steve I thought straight away when you said they fit 302/351W there could be a problem as you say due to deck height I would just modify the headers rather than damage your good floor pans Too late now but for future reference our Falcon headers should fit these Mustangs For example I purchased Proflow headers suit Cleveland 2V Falcon XR-F to fit to my 72 Mustang with RHD conversion with RRS rack/pinion and in no way expected them to fit perfectly however was surprised when they actually fitted up well with no bashing required
  3. Welcome from Western Australia Sharp looking vehicle and great you have an understanding wife My wife is supportive but hopefully not too aware of the expenses involved She is actually keen to drive it as she saw the auto shift and only has an auto licence I think she will get a shock though as she only drives a Ford Focus stocker
  4. +1 on 80 grit however be careful with spinning the DA too fast and spending too much time in one spot as you will remove some of the metal I found it was better to use a buffing/sanding machine which has much slower speeds to remove the bulk of the paint then finish off with the DA perhaps with 120 grit
  5. Probably closer to 3 as was converting from litres Having used a large convertor made into a higher stall, new cooler and lines it took nearly all 12 litres
  6. Well it's my birthday today so decided it was time to start it up for the first time after many months Surprisingly it fired up straight away although I had to prime the carby up properly by filling the fuel bowl After getting fuel up I ran it until full temperature then shut it down to top up both transmission and power steering fluids All up the C4 trans took about 3 1/2 gallons of fluid and the coolant a whopping 4 1/2 gallons or 17 liters due to a bloody big radiator I don't have an exhaust system yet but to quieten it down some I whacked the Summit turbo mufflers straight on to the headers although it was still very loud Anyway happy with how it went and having a birthday beer or two Also a video below but not sure how it will work
  7. Looking good and don't we all know about budget blow-out, not to mention "whileimatititis"
  8. +1 on David's molasses solution, I just did some con rods and heads that were quite rusted and came up a treat For a simple de-oxidiser use a vinegar spray diluted 50/50 and keep wet for several minutes, better to work it in with a Scotchbrite, rinse well, dry and get some epoxy primer or phospate onto it ASAP.
  9. Great to hear you get to keep the car, not sure how it works in the USA but do you get to choose your repairer even if it goes over the estimate? Hopefully you can get it back on the road soon
  10. Welcome from Western Australia and don't forget the pics
  11. Welcome from Western Australia
  12. Welcome from Western Australia
  13. I have the 13.5 inch Grant Classic and not much problem seeing gauges plus gives me extra leg room I do like the look of this steering wheel but be aware you most likely will have some issues with the turn signal switch contacts and/or horn button causing shorts I ended up making a spacer (one supplied was too short) to bring the wheel further away from the turn signal contacts and taped the contacts over Hopefully you don't have these issues but many people do, search Grant steering wheel problems and you will find out
  14. Great work on fabricating this and looks great to boot! I went to fit my original cowl braces but due to my RHD conversion the rh one hits the master cylinder top Considering the TCP export brace but with shipping could be an expensive option So far only want the "Export" brace side of it but do like the look of your cowl bracket and perhaps I can make something like this then utilize heim joint linkages to not only make it adjustable but easily removable for servicing. Only having factory suspension will just have to fabricate shock tower brackets. I can feel another project coming along "while I'm at it"
  15. Most of what you have circled should come with the quarter panel, I purchased this patch panel and it has it - https://www.cjponyparts.com/quarter-panel-patch-left-lower-rear-1971-1973/p/M400L/ As for the other part it could be part of this one where your fuel tank strap bolts hook into -https://www.cjponyparts.com/dynacorn-trunk-brace-rear-1971-1973/p/3649MB/ Perhaps someone will chime in to confirm?
  16. Glad to hear you're alright but a pity about your pride and joy Hope you can get it repaired so keep us all posted on progress Good luck with it
  17. If you mean the stick on VIN tag yes, I bought one last year
  18. Might be a silly question but have you adjusted the idle mixture screw? the small screw on the metering block. Usually start with screw it in all the way but NOT tight then back out 1 1/2 turns, run engine then get the idle smooth or screw it in until nearly stalls then screw it out counting the turns until it nearly stalls, then screw back in half of this number should get it pretty good. hope this helps.
  19. Welcome from Western Australia You've come to the right place and don't forget to post some photos with more details on your car
  20. You could also get an oil analysis done which will determine what metal particles are in the oil. For example if copper or nickel show up that could indicate bearings depending on their material composition. Not usually an expensive test where I'm from.
  21. Great write up! Also for anyone swapping pulleys definitely get a quality removal/installer tool, cheap ones barely cut it, ask me I know
  22. Don't think it matters what type but from what I did was add two breather caps with one of them having a PCV built in This is the one I got from Summit - https://www.summitracing.com/int/parts/bsp-blk21120/overview/ I also purchased the matching non PCV breather and need to but the foam elements separate I think with the added crankcase pressures with our engines it is important to have two breathers
  23. Maybe we need to start an old-farts health thread? One subject I've studied for many years is natural/alternative health and haven't taken any pharmaceuticals whatsoever for nearly 10 years In our chemically farmed soils there is very little valuable minerals left so you are correct and would be interesting to know what program you are doing I had knee problems a few years ago (old-farthritis) so started taking a magnesium supplement and make my own bone broth - knees perfect now Tony - for your shoulder problem could look into stem cell therapy, Joe Rogan uses this quite a bit and talks about it in some of his podcasts
  24. Hi Tony Not sure if it will help but have posted photos below of Saginaw pump 84DA 3A674A and bracket set up The bracket could be the same as for earlier C2 pump
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