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  1. After fitting new 4 1/2 leaf springs which pretty much solved most of the axle hop and lowering the front with new springs it was time to get rid of the dinky toy 17 inch rims


    Decided to go with what always works - Magnum 500 alloy rims 15 x 8 rear 15 x 7 front with Mastercraft Avenger 255/60/R15 & 235/60/R15 tyres

    Will work on getting the stance a bit better as it sits a little too low in the front so have some spring insulator spacers coming that will bring it up 1/2 inch

    Hopefully the rear leafs will settle a bit but if not will get some 1 inch lowering blocks


    Vehicle not only looks a whole lot better it is much better behaved on the road and no more shakes above 80 MPH


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  2. Looking good and some quality work done

    Seems like you have got the wiring sorted out

    I put mostly LED globes throughout and upgraded the headlight wiring with relays and H4 beams, work much better now

    Like the shorty headers which should work well with your combo

    Keep up the good work and you will be cruising in no time at all

  3. Epic job on the transmission and shifter Fabrice

    I might have a T handle but would need to check it is correct and in good condition when I get home tonight

    I was going to use the original T-bar set up but due to RHD conversion was going to be difficult so I have a few spares left over

    Maybe PM me with what you're after and will check it out tonight

  4. Mine is a factory air car but with RHD conversion was out of the question to retain the original beat up system

    I went with Old Air Products Hurricane system and despite a few mods for the RHD set up it was a pretty good fit

    I wanted to retain the factory A/C controls which was easy as they provide a conversion kit to use it

    The only downfall with this system is you need to block off the fresh air vents and demist only works when compressor off which is not a big problem for me

  5. I'm running a 408C C4 3.5 9 inch Trutrac with a Hughes 3000 stall and more than happy with it

    Some have said the Hughes tends to be a little loose stalling higher but didn't experience this

    Normal driving is no problem but once you step on the loud pedal things become fun!

    Like Jpaz says it likes to get a bit sideways even when rolling at 30-40 mph

    Definitely with your combo around 2500 rpm you won't regret it

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  6. Looking good and always a good feeling to get your engine in

    Hopefully unlike me you don't need to remove it for a long time!


    Will be interesting to see how your new headers fit, I used the Proflow stainless headers for our local Falcons and surprisingly even with a steering rack they actually fit well but need to install the right side one after install


    Wiring can be a pain in the neck but with a good kit it helps. I gather you used the American Auto Wire 22 circuit kit?

    Where did you end up mounting the fuse box? I found a good spot was above the right side kick panel


    Your making good progress

  7. Great attention to detail on your C6 plus it looks great

    I rebuilt my C4 and like yourself used Badshoe videos along with a book or two

    Thinking that using a "quality" performance rebuild kit from Performance Automatics would be without fault I was wrong as upon a recent tear down it was discovered that the intermediate band and some of the clutch plates were feathered. Probably due to old stock parts and/or moisture.

    The other thing to look for is your valve body to make sure every valve/piston is polished clean with no marks

    I had my trans reassembled the second time around by a knowledgeable shop and they cleaned up the valve body as it was shifting 2 to 3 too early

    This didn't work well as I lost 2nd gear altogether so even the experts get it wrong sometimes. They decided to replace the valve body with new shift kit and new modulator and all is good now.

    Probably some scoring inside the valve body which would be difficult to see let alone repair

    Look forward to your next post

  8. I never use the 3 position method but as TommyK says just get it on the base circle

    When I do it, although a slower method, I make sure one valve is pretty much open most of the way then adjust the other

    Another thing to consider when adjusting valve clearances is to wait a few minutes for each one to allow the lifter to bleed back up all the way

    Not always necessary but good insurance

  9. Thanks guys, it's been a long journey but for some 3 years isn't long


    Fabrice - our government loves finding new ways to milk the public, my plates only cost $600!


    One thing I need to save up for is new wheels and tires

    I don't really like the rims and the tires although plenty of tread they are 11 years old which is not safe

    Reckon before I get new ones I will wear them down on the rear fairly quick then put the front ones on the back and have more fun

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