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  1. Was just getting to the last of the body shell work thinking I was over the major repairs after replacing all floors and a couple of quarter patches. Stripped the roof and quarters which weren't bad but when I started to strip the panel between the rear window and trunk lid I was shocked at the amount of body filler I had to get through. How it got damaged like this is a mystery maybe something dropped on it? Once I discovered the mountain range below with its highs and lows I had a go at shrinking some of it with a MAPP torch, wet rag at the same time jacking the panel up a little and although I succeeded in getting the panel to sit up a little better my efforts at shrinking, although bringing down some high spots ,managed to create some rather large creases as in the picture below. Not pretty! One problem is apart from my lack of skill is there is virtually no access below to use a dolly. Wondering if anyone has tackled this panel before or can offer advice. The way I see it I have a few options but obviously not the shrink, hammer & dolly option 1. Buy shares in a Bondo company as the share price will surely rise if I go the Bondo route - not a good option as over half inch deep in spots 2. Weld in a flat rectangular patch near the perimeter rather than replace the entire panel(no repop available) - lot of welding/grinding which I'm used to by now but risk of buckling if not careful - perhaps weld some reinforcement underneath? 3. Remove entire panel and find someone who can fold up a new one - probably best option if I can find someone to do it One last request from any coupe owner - as you can see the ruler in the photo showing the ravine below can someone be so good as to let me know if a good panel is flat all the way across or if not what is the depth in the center? Thanks in advance Mick
  2. Welcome from Australia, post some photos and I'm sure you will get a lot of info from this site and its members as I have
  3. Nice coupe and also like the colour combo The wheels set it off nicely Interesting to hear more about it particularly if you converted it to RHD how it all went
  4. Always good to see more projects especially another coupe Will look forward to your progress and some pictures
  5. Started to remove old paint from the quarters and roof. Used my polishing machine with a 40 grit disc for the main areas and works well with low speed to prevent any warping. Found a few paint layers even some original bright red still on the roof. Also made a $15 sandblasting gun thanks to Youtube, using a soda bottle and an air gun. Works well enough for small projects
  6. Good to hear it wasn't just my vehicle out of whack and must reiterate as above to make your V cuts to suit approx 174 degrees and make adjustments then tack weld check again and finish welding. Certainly stiffens the chassis up as when I put the vehicle back on stands only 3 stands actually supporting it although that will change once I slot an engine in it!
  7. Welcome from Western Australia, hopefully you get your dream car and show some pics
  8. Welcome from Western Australia, great find on your vehicle and always exciting when a new old car comes along except perhaps mine which was in pieces and half way through RHD conversion in need of excessive cash to get it going.
  9. Interesting thread this one and haven't come across it from memory. I really couldn't care less what our cars are worth but the fact that we can buy a good looking muscle car for a realistic price does it for me. IMO doesn't matter what you have as long as you like the look of it and the way it drives is more important If my vehicle's value doubled overnight I would not sell it Perhaps the fact that I do most of the work myself like many on this forum that I have an emotional investment which overrides any financial considerations Certainly don't expect a return on my investment apart from the emotional thrill of driving this classic car
  10. Welcome from Australia, interesting car and hope to see more pics
  11. Love these old Fairlanes and had a 1970 model myself. Pity ours were only 4 door models but they are still popular here and expensive.
  12. You're right there and even advised I needed an extra flasher unit for the hazards which I was unaware of. Look forward to getting my order
  13. I know when I go fishing and catch a trophy size fish I like to take a photo. Will even send it to a mate to wind him up with the proof. Don't see what the difference is whether fishing or hunting in that respect Only thing I disagree with is killing an animal for no reason so the fact this animal was sacrificed for food I don't see a problem. At least you blokes in the USA still have your guns to go hunting with. If the liberals get their way they'll be taking away our fishing rods next!
  14. Welcome from Western Australia, nice vert you have there.
  15. Thanks Mark, been considering converting to LED and can't resist a discount so placed my order today!
  16. Looks like a great way to get rid of rust. I've sold over 100 of these tanks to a local mining company so surely they will have some empty ones lying around. Might just give it a try but not sure of the price of molasses in my neck of the woods.
  17. Welcome from Australia, nice vert you have there
  18. Thank Omie01 - I might take you up on that as the earlier Mustang one looks like the screw spacing is smaller Might just check if our early Falcon one will fit first but will PM if not
  19. Thanks for all your replies I had a look at my dash panel and yes that plate in my second picture is there behind the panel - don't know what the clip is for though? I think I will just take the chance and order the one below which has in the description in brackets 64 - 73 Mustang Perhaps if someone has used this repro 64-66 one before would help though
  20. I'm missing the glove box striker on my coupe and can't see a repro one for our years. I saw this one on eBay for a 64-66 which one seller says fits 64 - 73 but others don't and saw similar on a members thread However also this one below also on eBay an original which looks completely different My question is can someone please clarify which is correct and can the older type be used? Thanks Mick
  21. Welcome from Western Australia Looks like you got a good deal on your vehicle despite the problems and if I could buy these mustangs here at those prices I would have several of them Your original starter problem sounds odd in the sense that if you had zero compression it would turn over very quickly just like removing spark plugs when doing compression tests Perhaps that engine was overheated in the past and was nearly seized or had timing issues? Your newer engine sounds like you need to check the basics especially timing but also check for vacuum leaks elsewhere. I would first check for top dead centre by removing number 1 spark plug then turning it over by hand while inserting a screwdriver down the plug hole. the piston when at the top should show TDC on the balancer timing mark - if way out you may have timing chain issues where it could be out a tooth or two. If pretty much spot on then check the static timing on the distributor by grounding the spark plug wire, ignition on then turn crank by hand until you get a spark, should be around 8-12 degrees initial timing. Other than that it still could be a carby issue but seeing as you tried 2 carbs would still be looking at timing/vacuum leaks or depending on what ignition setup maybe look there also. Good luck with it and hope you get to finally drive it, can't wait to drive mine but a long way to go yet. Perhaps some more experienced member will chime in with some better ideas
  22. Looking good and making great progress Look forward to seeing the finished product
  23. Welcome from Western Australia Well done on resurrecting another coupe
  24. Welcome from Western Australia, nice car and should be a good project Perhaps start a project thread and more pictures would be nice
  25. Very clean looking vert GP and like the Falcon coupe is it a GT? Just a note for aussies/kiwis buying parts, some sellers on ebay (US & Oz) are linked in with their global shipping program I just ordered carpet and a rear bumper which would have normally cost me well over $300 US for shipping but this way it was about $110 US I ordered from Maryland Mustang eBay store as they seem to be the only one on board with this program for now, hopefully others follow Not sure where all the other aussies on this forum are? Maybe the football finals keeping them busy? Mick
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