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  1. Made myself a set of sub frame connectors as per this link - http://dazecars.com/dazed/sub-frame.html Great plans and excellent instructions which I followed however when I cut out my front frame plate and went to check the fit (after welding them) the angles weren't correct. Don't know if it was just my vehicle but the 170 degree angles were out of whack so I had to cut these again then re-weld them finding that 174 degrees worked. My advice to anyone making these is to cut all your diagonals to suit 174 degrees on all four bends and prior to welding check the fit and then weld them up. You can always shave a bit more angle if required. Cost me $55 in steel and about $50(joking) in grinding discs to clean up my less than perfect welding! Interesting if anyone else has made these connectors.
  2. Vehicle being stationary for a few years when I removed the fuel tank it was a bit rusty inside so I refurbished it with a KBS fuel tank repair kit, similar to POR15 but without the price tag.
  3. The one I have is for a 1972 with air con and as you can see it is a Philco Not sure if it works yet but if you have trouble finding one you can have this one just need to pay postage PM me if interested
  4. Welcome from Western Australia, very nice vehicle you have there and i'm with you on the lack of stripes, looks great
  5. Welcome from Western Australia
  6. Welcome from Western Australia, hope you get what you're looking for
  7. G'day and welcome from Western Australia, congrats on getting a rare rust free vehicle. Interesting to see how your brake system works out
  8. I'm sure most of us have had these unwelcome discoveries but I look at it as a learning experience Would never have taught myself to weld or fabricate panels and now value these skills I could have chosen to buy a $40-50K vehicle already restored but I would never have valued it as much as a vehicle I restored myself despite the cost Respect for going the concourse route Steve not something I would do especially for a bog standard coupe but perhaps the next Mustang? Look forward to some pics of your progress
  9. Perhaps if this was in the US it might be considered a bit expensive but over here we have to pay a premium for these cars. If it has a sound body, any repairs have been done to a reasonable standard, there are not many parts missing, the engine has been rebuilt properly and it is a matching numbers vehicle then yes it could be a good buy although I would offer under $20K if there were a few flaws. I can't afford it so I won't waste the sellers time but posted it for others to consider and would like to hear if anyone checks it out. If I could afford it I wouldn't be writing this post as I would be on a plane over to Melbourne with a pocketful of cash!
  10. I remember Mickus picked up a 1970 Mach 1 which was actually 1971 and he got it cheap due to the mistake Here's another one that some Aussies on this forum might be interested in especially if it is really a 429 CJ - https://www.tradeuniquecars.com.au/detail/ford-mustang-253053 At $25K could be a good buy and would buy it myself if I had the cash but unfortunately due to my current mustang habit couldn't afford the spare wheel! Be interesting if anyone enquires about it but could be sold by now for all I know
  11. I wasn't going to replace the trunk floor until I removed the fuel tank and saw the extent of the rust which was covered over with sheets of steel. Despite the enormous cost of shipping I bit the bullet and ordered a new floor pan and quarter repair section. Seeing as mine had a new tail panel installed by PO I knew it could be difficult to install however I ended up cutting mine at the front section to use good metal and making it easier to get in and out. Installed drop-offs and quarter section but ran out of gas so will finish off next weekend hopefully. Will be glad when all the floor repairs are done so I can start putting some of it back together then will start on hood, fenders & doors etc.
  12. Great to see some excellent work and nearly finished must be a relief Just a quick question what do you find works best removing paint from underside of hood, trunk etc? I'm about to start this phase and curious about different methods apart from abrasive blasting
  13. Thanks for the write up Pegleg, being outside the US I also have to cop high shipping charges I usually buy from CJ Pony only because I can get a shipping quote straight away and they usually give a few options but not a cheaper sea freight option though For example I ordered a trunk floor which would have been over $300 US in shipping alone but by adding some other parts it worked out a little cheaper Great if you want something in a hurry but will need a second mortgage for the shipping Haven't bought from Ebay USA yet but looking at your examples I probably will in the future especially as I will want bumpers soon Be interesting to hear what other members do to save on shipping
  14. Welcome from Western Australia, nice car and your English is fine
  15. welcome from Western Australia, look forward to some pics including the Galaxie
  16. Thanks and will see how it works out, don't know if I'll find that Volvo in my neck of the woods though
  17. Nice looking vehicle and looks fine with the standard hood
  18. Welcome from Western Australia and look forward to some pics
  19. Welcome from Western Australia, Good to see more Dutchies aboard, i was part Dutch for a while (had a Dutch wife) and spent some time in Uden, nice place pity I've forgotten how to speak some Dutch except for mag ik een pils?
  20. Welcome from Western Australia, nice colour but looks more reddish in the pic
  21. Welcome from Western Australia, looks like a good project and similar to mine needed to do floors, cowl etc which is typical of these. Was trying to avoid doing trunk floor but decided to tackle it despite the cost. would be lost without the advice and technical articles on this forum. Hopefully you start a build thread so everyone can see your progress.
  22. Looks fantastic, nice work and gives me inspiration to get mine going. I hope to have mine going next year but finances could slow me down. Anyway well done and good to see more coupes getting on the road!
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