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  1. G'day & welcome from Western Australia
  2. Mounted up a new RHD power rack & pinion steering. Pretty easy fit only needed to drill a few holes and trim a tiny bit of the chassis extension. Having a break from bodywork so modifying my 9 inch rear to fit local Falcon rear discs with floor mounted handbrake and will just rebuild my front disc brakes for now. I need to get the handbrake sorted before I can weld the seat platform in. Next weekend will rebuild the 9 inch center adding a Truetrac LSD with 3.5 gears.
  3. Nice looking coupe 429/460 mostly just different stroke and they also share some minor similarities with the Cleveland engine such as Distributor and some valve train parts I put a 460 in a 1979 Aussie Falcon, just needed engine mount brackets and used tri-Y headers which were an easy fit Great car and loads of torque but even with the C6 had trouble keeping the tyres from spinning Good luck with the swap and will watch your progress
  4. That looks better, lets see what you can come up with next time
  5. Welcome from Western Australia
  6. Looks like a cool project so far, love the 3D emblems and would like to see them painted up Hopefully soon we will be able to print repop parts and all we have to buy is a program for the design
  7. Thanks, took over an hour to mask it up and 5 minutes to spray paint.
  8. Engine bay painting finished, now I can work on the steering, brakes and wiring etc.
  9. Great looking vehicle you have there Personally I don't want to know how much I've spent or still to spend, a bit frightening just thinking about it but even more frightening if the missus gets wind of it, CRIKEY!
  10. So RHD did you convert? Air conditioner would be tough to find here in US but not there I guess. Many owners ago they started the conversion, I've had to fix all their problems as they made a mess of it, they used Aussie Falcon steering but spaced the box incorrectly and didn't do the chassis rail/firewall mods well so rather than try to correct it and probably still have geometry issues i decided to go for a RRS power rack & pinion set up for RHD, expensive but will solve the problem and give improved steering. As for air con I have purchased an Old Air complete kit which has been set up for RHD and will use my original a/c dash control etc. Yet to install it so can't report yet but will post in my build thread. When I purchased the car it was missing some parts but thanks to some forum members parts are easy to get and not expensive except for the shipping charges which are sometimes more than what the part is worth. That's what I get for living near one of the world's most remote cities!
  11. Looks like you missed a piece mate ;-) Nope just had to wait until next day to chassis black the rest, got it done but the rain came 5 minutes after last coat, no big deal just a few water marks on the rad support
  12. Today finally got some color on it. Luckily the weather held out. Came out pretty good and will do the rad support and chassis rails in black tomorrow hopefully.
  13. The weather held out today so I got some color on the engine bay. Color is original Bright Red using Baslac single stage urethane. Will do the rad support and chassis area in black hopefully tomorrow. Good to finally see some color going on but still a long way to go.
  14. Nice write up, are they bullet holes in the quarter panel?
  15. Some more progress on the coupe Looked at dustless blasting as an alternative but once I spoke to our local dustless blaster he strongly suggested to dry blast it using glass beads. Reason being with the dustless wet blasting it would leave a wet residue which would get into various nooks and crannies and would be difficult to remove and perhaps cause rust issues further down the track. As I only wanted engine bay, door jambs and luggage compartment done I took his advice. Basically for anyone considering dustless blasting it is best for outer panels but not as good for areas where residue will be hard to remove in other words with the dry blasting it is easy to blow the residue away. Another tip he gave is not to blast all areas underneath the hood or trunk lid i.e. don't blast any of the skin part only the ribs etc as the pressure can lift the skin above the ribs. Anyway some pics below and hopefully get some bright red color on it next weekend Oh and you might notice the trunk floor looks odd, PO has patched over the rusty floor which is a bit slack however for now I will tidy it up and replace the drop offs - new floor pan approx $100 USD but a whopping $380 USD shipping ouch!
  16. Not sure if this one counts but all I can afford, besides the shed at the back is full of tools, parts etc so no room for a couch let alone the Mustang! Cost me $180 at Supercrap Autos so if a storm blows it apart I won't cry and yes it is bolted to the concrete
  17. Looks pretty clean, pity can't find anything like this in Australia for anywhere near that price
  18. Great article, will give it a try, gotta be better than a soldering iron and a cable tie!
  19. Wow what a collection, I'll hold off buying some of them until the Aussie dollar strengthens!
  20. Finally finished the floor replacement and got it in primer today. I used Bill Hirsch's Miracle paint where there was surface rust and along the welded areas then primed with Interguard 269 Epoxy Primer
  21. Starting to make some progress now. Finally got the floors done and primed with Interguard 269 red plus the firewall/cowl area. I replaced the rear floor extensions with repro early 66-70 ones and only needed to tweak a couple of ribs. Next will be getting the engine bay blasted/painted then I can put the dash, steering column, rack and wiring in. New Old Air RHD air con kit is on its way so will also fit this. Tomorrow I'm getting a disc brake rear end from a 1998 Falcon and will adapt this to the 9 inch rear including using the floor mounted hand brake.
  22. Welcome from Western Australia Long time since I've been to the Netherlands, spent some time in Uden Will look forward to some more pictures
  23. If the impact driver doesn't work and you can't grind the bolt heads off try heating the area around the bolt with a blow torch, works well for rusted bolts
  24. I'm going to paint my floors in a couple of days with Interguard 269 Epoxy Primer Red but will seam seal first I've already painted the cowls with this 2 pack primer and the color is close to the original red undercoat plus it is very tough They use it on ships to keep the salt out so can't be too bad and not expensive either
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