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    Welcome from Western Australia Good to see another resurrection of a coupe Looks like you subscribe to the Mad Max theme that originated in OZ!
  2. Yes they did but if you want a daily driver the LHD car is just a bit harder to live with so there is still some reasons to have a RHD conversion. I think Ozcoupe has bought the car with a partial RHD conversion commenced and no doubt got it pretty cheap as a result ::thumb:: You're spot on I bought it RHD partly completed but badly done. Too late to put back to LHD now and too much work. Seems it was several owners previous that started the conversion but gave up so hopefully I can get this done but will be a massive challenge! I have a big job ahead of me trying to sort out the steering and brakes set up so it all works.
  3. Finally got around to getting some photos of my midlife crisis part 2 project sorted. After buying the vehicle a few months ago on a whim and getting it past the wife who seems to like it so far my initial excitement is somewhat subdued by the enormity(including cost!) of what is ahead although I'm sure many have been there before. Hopefully the missus doesn't get wind of the cost! Being a garden variety coupe this will not be a concours restoration or a show car but a restoration of sorts with a few modifications. At the moment will be replacing the cowl panels and both side floor pans - see pics below My main problem is going to be sorting out the rough incomplete RHD conversion and getting it through the engineering/registration process At this stage I will have to ditch the Falcon steering set up and install a RHD RRS power rack & pinion Main reason is PO hasn't installed it correctly and I don't have the skills to modify the chassis or get the geometry right Much easier albeit costly to go with the rack set up Okay here are some pics below Front view with panels removed Rear view RH firewall mess from PO Left side of cowl rust Underside of left cowl upper cowl removed showing lower cowl upper cowl - many spot welds! Underside of left lower cowl showing new non air con cowl lower cowl - note 2 air con brackets view of the rusty floor this is why you should remove seat platforms - yuck! Will update with more pics but better get back to work
  4. For the amount money and effort it took to build it worked out very well. Looks like a cheaper option and you can build a table when finished!
  5. G'day from Western Australia
  6. G'day William Welcome from Western Australia Will be interesting to see your progress
  7. Try 3 or 4 days and that is just getting through the city traffic!
  8. G'day Hux Keep looking something will come up and the other guys are right the extra fees add up. I bought a coupe locally for $6.5K but will need to spend upwards of $15K to get it anywhere near what I want so either way you will need to get a second mortgage or win the lotto! Here is an example form close to my home - http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/pinjarra/cars-vans-utes/1971-ford-mustang-coupe/1132426059 Or this one for example http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/narre-warren-south/cars-vans-utes/1972-ford-mustang-coupe/1130087359 If you have your heart set on a Mach 1 or similar fastback then keep looking and be patient although the US option could be worth it for the right model Cheers Mick
  9. Welcome from Western Australia Would like to see some pics also but don't stress, I haven't posted pics yet but will when I get time to sort them out. Not being very IT savvy means it's a big task for me!
  10. Agree and no need to add a grease point but more likely a brake or just use a set screw to slow down the spin. I think the main thing is to have a snug fit in the pivot tubes i.e. buy the right thickness as if too big a clearance it will bind when turning
  11. Yes I would probably make some minor mods to better suit the Mustang including using pins. The beauty of this one is it can easily adjust to suit many different vehicles so would be easier to sell it once done and recoup the cost of making it which is probably $500+
  12. Might help those doing a full restoration to make a rotisserie, especially for extensive under body work. Will probably make one myself soon and post some pics with the 72 Coupe attached. Go to this link - http://redwingsteelworksplans.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Red-Wing-Steel-Works-Auto-Rotisserie-Plans-10242012.pdf if anyone has another plan tailored to 7173s please post Cheers Mick
  13. Welcome from Western Australia Nice ride and sounds like a good buy
  14. Thanks Don, I will check it out I also hope to add photos of my resto project when I have time Regards Mick
  15. G'day from Australia, I found my VIN under the passenger (driver for me!) fender at the top near the strut tower however you would have to undo the top bolts and move the fender to see it. Hope you enjoy the forum.
  16. Thanks N2odart, I'm interested if you can send me a photo or just describe its condition and if it is complete i.e. is it the pedal bracket(box) with pedal and shaft as you would unbolt the entire assembly. My vehicle is missing it completely so prefer complete. Price is fine but no doubt shipping is expensive so if you can get a shipping price to Western Australia post code 6229. Perhaps PM me and I will give you my email address Regards Mick
  17. Looking for a pedal/pedal box assembly for auto power assist type any condition as long as it is serviceable. Will need it shipped to Australia. Regards Mick
  18. Had many jobs but mostly auto parts and currently parts supervisor for Cummins Diesel in Bunbury Western Australia. Have been fixing/selling crappy Toyotas/Hyundais to supplement my income but no money in it so decided time to get a vehicle I will like and keep I can't afford to retire so will keep plowing money into projects until I kick the bucket!
  19. Starting to look the goods, like the color and similar to my 72 coupe however mine is only 10% finished - recently bought it. I will keep an eye on your progress. Well done so far!
  20. Welcome from Western Australia will be interesting to see your progress
  21. Welcome from Western Australia That's quite a stable you have there!
  22. Welcome from another newbie in Australia I had second thoughts when I first viewed my first Mustang with all its flaws but in the end it is about a passion not the price so I bought it You don't want to buy a lemon though so best check out its bonafides first then inspect it for rust and general mechanical Listen to the guys on this site as they have been there and done that My only advice is regardless of whether it is a rare model or not you will need to rob a bank (or own one!) to get it up to show condition Whatever you think it will cost to restore or get on the road add about 30 - 100 percent and a couple of years to your estimate Do your research and go with your gut feeling - I did
  23. Hi Rob Welcome from another newbie Nice vehicle you have there and doesn't look like it needs much upgrading but we always want something better eh?
  24. Thanks and hopefully can make this coupe stand out in a year or four
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