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  1. Hey Mike,


    Welcome from the most isolated city in the world! Anything I can help you with, let me know.






    Thanks Mickus from Perth?

    Being so isolated the parts sellers think they can charge an arm/leg for parts/shipping so how come I can get it myself 7-10 days from USA for much less?Someone is trying to pull our pants down I reckon. I am looking for help with RHD conversion problems and seem to be missing some brackets for mounting pedal box/steering column so if you have any experience with RHD conversion would appreciate it. Cheers Mick from Australind

  2. welcome from Shanghai! You'll find a wealth of knowledge here and the search function will become your friend as you restore your 72!


    Thanks Mark

    Was in Shanghai a couple of years ago with my Chinese wife but didn't see any Mustangs over there, must be a rare sight to see any old muscle cars in China?

  3. Welcome from Oklahoma. Post up some pics when you can.


    We have quite a few Australian members. I'm sure one of them can help you gain more info on RHD conversion.




    Cheers Ray


    Not much to look at now but will attempt to post some pics next few weeks

    Will hunt these fellow Aussies down and pick their brains

  4. Hello from Mississippi. Mick, with all the Mustang sites out there in cyber land, I'm glad you saw what you liked and decided to join up. It's really great to see how large a group our Australian brothers is becoming. When you get a chance please tell us more about yourself and your Mustang.

    Welcome aboard!

    Thanks Steve

    The other Mustang sites mostly concentrate on the 64-70 and scoff at 71-73 sometimes (bloody elitists!)

    Not that I don't like the older ones but out of my reach so stuck with my "poverty pack" 72 coupe. In my younger years I had a few falcon GTs but always wanted a Mustang so this one came along and being a garden variety model I'm not afraid to modify or improve it. Will be replacing the cowl and floor pans and go from there. Hope the missus doesn't find out how much this will cost!

  5. Welcome from West Tennessee. I have a contact that I have made in Eastern AUS who is restoring a low mileage 72 Mach 1. Interesting photos of the right hand drive conversion done on his car.


    Thanks, interesting how he's boxed in or covered the steering box and wonder what he is doing for the brake pedal - must be running a shaft?



  6. Welcome from North Carolina. I bet converting to R.H. is a pain especially when they did not make them originally. Is there a car in Australia that has very similar layout that you use?


    Thanks and yes our Falcon has many parts that are used

    I would have kept it LHD however would be more work to put it back

  7. G'day everyone from Western Australia

    Recently purchased a 72 Coupe V8 stocker that is part way RHD so I have my work cut out to get it on the road not just restoration

    Came across this site and was so impressed by all the great info especially Q's videos, pics & tips that I had to join

    Will be soaking up all the great stuff and perhaps will have some photos to post someday

    Cheers Mick

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