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  1. Hey guys, Today won't be for asking questions, but more to share my weekend find. My father used to have this yellow/black heavily modified '73 for about 20 years before selling it in 1995. I see an add last Monday with a similar car, only to found out that she was still alive, 20 minutes from my home. I pay a visit to the guy, really friendly man, that decide to keep it finally.
  2. Thanks guys ! So if i understand correctly, since i dont have a/c, i need 2 port ? On the side, it goes to Power Brake, on the top, the big one goes to the carburator ?
  3. Hi guys, What is that fitting that is supposed to be installed here (rubber plug installed for the moment) The car is a '73 Mach 1 351C 2V M/T Thanks !
  4. Hi guys, me again with another issue ! I buy my Mustang with an issue that i need to fix now. The bottom of the wiper arm is resting on the windshield and it has all scratch the window. What can cause this ? Does anybody ever got this issue ? I replace the wiper arm with another used from another car, still same issue. Thanks ! -erik
  5. Ah thanks a lot guys, this made a lot of sense now I have a 1.500'' yoke, on a RUG AV1. For what i can read, its C/R 15000 or 15002, and as per Hemikiller i guess C/R stand for Chicago Rahwide. I will order a National 470059 with the Mayhem puller, Thanks !
  6. Hi guys, I have an oil leak just around the slip yoke in the transmission tailhousing. My question is, where can i found the seal replacement part, and how do i replace it ? The seal i bought doesn't look like the one on the car at all. On the picture below, i remove the driveshaft/yoke assy. Thanks ! -erik
  7. Have you ever find the issue, im afraid i hit the same problem ?
  8. Finally received my new starter solenoid, to replace my default solenoid (that was also brand new). Both Ford solenoid. So i put the new one, and here we go, first time i ride the car since since 2016 when i bought it. Thanks a lot for all the help !!
  9. Hi Don, here is what i found. I completely unplug the big green connector from the end of the harness to the fuse box under the dash. On the starter solenoid, i unplug the ‘’I’’ (green-red) connector (S, red-blue still connected). So now the coil do not heated anymore. If i reconnect the ‘’I’’, the coil is starting to heat heavily. does that mean that my brand new starter solenoid is broken ?
  10. Thanks for all the answers, really appreciated. Yes, i do have the 3 gauges in the center of the dash. Now my real issue is, that as soon as i connect the battery, the coil is getting heavily hot. Note that the keys are not in the switch, they are in my pockets. What is wrong ???
  11. Hi, Im working hard to rebuild a car i buy in pieces. Im pretty sure I wired correctly all the 4 post of the starter solenoid Left: Bat + S: Red with Blue stripe I: Red with green stripe Right: Starter My main concern is regarding the 2 yellow wires. From below picture, A is coming from the alternator. B is coming from the harness under the hood. Where should they be connected ?? Merci !
  12. Hi, I remove my clusters to do some cleanup and maintenance, and i came across this green connector, that was not connected anywhere. The wiring come from the top of the dash, any idea what it should be connected to ? Merci !
  13. Would this one fit on our cars ? I got 4speed hurst https://classicautomotiveltd.com/products/1970-mustang-hurst-4-speed-shift-boot-daniel-carpenter?_pos=1&_sid=9ae06d9ec&_ss=r
  14. Updated ! Machine shop guy agreed to come by to my home to bring the engine back to his shop to redo the works. He said it is less works for him to rebuild the engine and re-balance the crankshaft than machine a damper to fit.
  15. You re seems to be right, according to summit they are both 28oz (cant find this info anywhere else) Why did he told me 50 from the shop :S
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