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  1. Hi How is your fuel pressure ? Have you checked with a gauge ? sniper should run at 58 ? How does your timing map look like ? Should really make a map not use the one the guide builds. Check that ECU and handheld has the latest firmware. How is the O2 sensor setup ? Take a log file from cold start. Exahuast leak can fool the 02 sensor creating this issue, also combined with a healthy cam its getting more problematic,
  2. Then you need the tach adapter from MSd. This is from the sniper forum/Holley https://forums.holley.com/showthread.php?45589-1970-Mustang-factory-tachometer-wiring-with-Dual-Sync-Sniper-setup
  3. You probably need the Tach Adapter from MSD. Also depend on what you have changed coil 12 volt ? etc. Are you controlling timing ? Digital Box ? Have you fired up the sniper ?
  4. Thanks, did you use the one for 69-70 or is there one for the 71-73 ?
  5. This is nice, were did you get it ? Im planing on doing this.
  6. Btw no rubbing what so ever, I could probably fit 295*40*18 in the back :-)
  7. Thanks I used 235*45*18 in front and 275*40*18 Back
  8. Finally they arrived :-) Had to space out about 3 mm to clear the Cobra front calipers.
  9. After a few rides I can say that there is a big difference vs GAS dampers. Just one click on the damper is making a big change. Wating for new wheels , 18 inch Il be back with more info.
  10. This is 1 inch cut off the aircleaner to make the hood close, 73 with 351c and Airgap
  11. Hello I noticed that I have no pads its steel against steel. Im changingto new Currie clamps etc, should I put the missing pad in or leave it as it is ? Will the pad lower the car ?
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