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  1. That is cool :-) Im thinking about installing one.
  2. Looks great :-) What is the offset/backspace on the rims ? ET ?
  3. 351c and X-pipe, hooker aerochamber mufflers https://youtu.be/XwLhfhlGfUU
  4. I would check the fluid and filter, is there any metal shavings in it. Does the fluid smell burnt and check color.
  5. Hi Has anyone put something like this on their hood ?
  6. Great info thanks :-) Did you fab that piece or can it be bought ? Regards Rob
  7. I went with Speedhut gauges , made my own custom style :-) I also added AFR Innovate metering and Vacuum metering.
  8. I just drilled them, small holes in the pattern.
  9. Thanks Gear ratio is 3.5 and tires are 27.1 inch Do you know what was the stock converter stall was? and the stall after the modification? Hi I Think it was 1800 and modified to 2300-2400. Its hard to get a correct stall speed number because ford used different settings. But stock should be 1600-1800.
  10. No problems thanks :-) No sorry, just more advertising. General consensus seems to lean away from Edelbrock carbs on Fords, but your choice. Im running an 750 dp and for now it will stay there :-)

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