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  1. This has surely been debated a thousand times but, these fits the 351w, then they should fit the351c ? If I add shims under the mounts they should fit right in the 73 ? I belive the 71-72 standard mounts fits if you raise them. Anyone who has done this ?
  2. Would be cool to mount as an ram air intake and hide the opening mechanism inside.
  3. That is cool :-) Im thinking about installing one.
  4. Looks great :-) What is the offset/backspace on the rims ? ET ?
  5. 351c and X-pipe, hooker aerochamber mufflers https://youtu.be/XwLhfhlGfUU
  6. I would check the fluid and filter, is there any metal shavings in it. Does the fluid smell burnt and check color.
  7. Hi Has anyone put something like this on their hood ?
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