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  1. There is a plate so you cant see into the head, probably for protecting the oil from splashing out.
  2. Okay Thanks PCV works perfect and rattels like a snake when I touch it. So new caps it is :-)
  3. Hi After some Daily driving Ive noticed oil on the valve cover. Only driver side, its not much but is it the gasket leaking around the breather cap or what ? Any ideas how to fix this ? For what I know it has allways done this. Red spot is where the oil collects. Maybe its the underneath of the cap ... Regards Rob
  4. Looks good , Il give it a try later on. Regards Rob
  5. Thanks Secluff its the old 73 grill but I removed the standing lights. If I come up with some White lenses I let you know :-) regards Rob
  6. Thanks Fabrice , the between plate is not done yet. But Im gonna do it and looking for options to do it. Also underneath Im closing the gap with something. Regards Rob
  7. Hi Okay thanks , I was looking for the turnsignal underneath. This is my 73 converted to 71-72 style bumper :-) So I thought it would be nice to have the lenses with white led double lamp inside.
  8. Hi Is there a White lens for the turnsignal for 71-72 ? Regards Rob
  9. I was thinking something like this Power amplifier etc could be hidden inside
  10. No two seater. Sorry if Im confusing. I want to fill out the space between the trapdoor and the back of the seat. Il take a Picture later today.
  11. Hi I went with Gabriel Gas front and back, I Think they are pretty ok.
  12. So people actually use the folded seat function ? :-)
  13. Hi Mach 1 73 with the folded seat option. I would like to make it permanent and remove the folded seat , instead hide some stereo speaker under it. The thing is it only locks the on one side, so when driving it makes a clonk sound back and forth. Its very annoying. Has anybody did something similar ? Maybe a Wood frame to fix the seat and hide the speakers in. Regards Rob
  14. Hi Valves are 2.07/1.65 , I forgot took take Picture of them Before I put them on. This from the CHI website
  15. Everything else is in Place PCV etc. Il give a try to see how long it will last. Thanks Spike
  16. Hi Spike and thanks I have the Place to do it so I will as soon as possible. Will it leak directly or can it last some time ? Regards Rob
  17. Hi The other day I noticed a leak comming from the timingcoverplate. It was leaking between the plate and the block. I pulled Everything out, and when I was going to put back the timingcover I couldnt press in the halfmoon rubber seal against the oil pan. I tried but no. Time was running out and as I had RTV on the block and the gasket I just put the timing cover back. I squezzed in rtv in the Little gap against the oilpan. Will it start leaking directly ? probably I have to lower the pan and put the seal in. Or can it be put in with the timingcover ? Engine is 351c Regards Rob
  18. Hi Im running this cam with 2v Chi heads(65cc) and AIRgap intake. Sniper EFi . With flat pistons compression is 10.1 Camshaft Type: Hydraulic Flat Tappet Duration Exhaust: 281 Duration Intake: 281 Duration at 050 Exhaust: 227 Duration at 050 Intake: 227 Engine: 351C, 351M, 400 Firing Order: 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8 Intake Centerline: 104 Lobe Separation: 108 Engine Manufacturer: Ford RPM Range: 2400 to 6000 Valve Lift Exhaust: .542
  19. Hello Im going for rear discbrakes. Im currently having disc in the front and drums in the rear. Should change the block with built in propotion fixed valve, or just buy an adjustable valve and connect it on the rear brakeline ? Regards Rob
  20. Thanks for the info, I still have drums in the back but I leave them for now. Regards Rob
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