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  1. I did my own lines from steel lines. They finish around the motor mounts. Then Its rubber hose going back and forth to the standalone cooler. Never use the built transmission cooler in the original cooler, Always use a standalone transmission cooler. Regards Rob
  2. Congrats looks super Good Skickat från min SM-T815 via Tapatalk
  3. Yeap very happy thanks Im sure you gonna get your engine running asap. Regards Rob Skickat från min SM-G955F via Tapatalk
  4. Today I Went to the dyno Place called Turbocenter At rear Wheel it peak at 291.7 hp at 6500 rpm Torque around 340 nm maybe a Little bit low I have to say that Don's answer is spot on :-) The dyno guy told that its hard to dyno because there is no lock up in the transmission, the converter slips etc. He calculated 345 hp at the crank. I think this is a good result. The sniper unit performed flawless and he only pointed out some areas where I could increase fuel. But overall its doing the job. I had set the timing to total 36 degrees. Next step is to let the sniper unit control timing. The cam is very healthy he said, and limitation for more hp are the 2v heads as they are now. alltinggratis
  5. Looks great Regards Rob Skickat från min SM-T815 via Tapatalk
  6. If you detach the fuel line that goes Into the sniper and put it Into a can you can check pressure. Check the settings for pressure in the handheld. Regards Rob Skickat från min SM-T815 via Tapatalk
  7. Ive not hooked it up like , because I have the msd box. I only used a wire from the ignition switch the same that goes to coil. Do you hear the fuel pump ? Connections correct on inlet/outlet on the sniper efi fuel lines ? The plugs should not be dry, because it squirts an amount on every crank. Mine is 280 and I use street/strip Try to disconnect battery and redo wizard Regards Rob
  8. Is the battery charged ? You could run Another wire directly to sniper unit just to check if it starts. Which distrbuitor are you using ? Try to disconnect the battery for a few seconds and try again, does the handheld flash when you crank the Engine ? Do you have the air filter on ?
  9. I used the same wire as the msd box at crank should be Pink Skickat från min SM-G955F via Tapatalk
  10. Be aware dont crank to many times or engine will be flooded Skickat från min SM-G955F via Tapatalk
  11. Hello The steering is fine. Its hard to explain. If you drive at 90 km/h and slightly turn the steering Wheel just a Little bit the car is wobbly. Not as distinct as I figure it should be. Sometimes when doing a turn I can feel something similar. I wish It could be more rigid and stiff. At a meeting last week I talked to a guy who has a 72, he has redone all the bushing etc. His car is not suffering from this problem, Of course I understand that its not a modern car, but it was a big improvment just changing the rear setup with new shocks and springs etc. Regards Rob
  12. Hello :-) This what I have done so far to my 73 Rear suspension New energy suspension brackets, bolts , bushings. New standard Leaf Springs New Gabriel GAS Shocks New Tyres Todo Sway bar In the front New Gabriel GAS Shocks New Tyres overhauled the Brakes and new brake booster Borgeson power steeringbox /new coupler good feel 4 Wheel aligning So this Winter I was planning on taking on the front suspension. When driving the car now it goes straight but feels wobbley in higher speeds. The bushings are rubber but probably never replaced with new ones. The bearings works fine. New springs 1 inch lowering And all the bushing and rods etc. Is there a good kit(upper , lower Control arms etc ) that will raise the performance better than original without braking the bank ? Is there also a better Montecarlo bar then standard steel plates that sits between the shock Tower and firewall ? I just dont understand the difference between all kits sold on Ebay etc. Is the performance gonna be stock ? are the better ? The look nearly the same regarding Control arms etc. Regards Rob
  13. Does anybody knows if a 67 brake booster Will fit ? It won fit 71-73 as it seems Skickat från min SM-G955F via Tapatalk
  14. Perhaps this could be something! http://www.classiccars.se/classic/p_detalj.asp?txtLopnr=86783&txtVar=1 Perfect Thanks :-)
  15. Fabrice The dynoplace looks great. Im very curious to see how much the 2v heads are limitng the Engine. Swapping to afd heads or something should really boost the overall Power. But that is a bit far away for now ;-)
  16. Its not holding any vacuum at all, is there any other years model that will fit. Seems like nobody has them in stock in sweden for a 71-73... :huh: Regards Rob
  17. I thought that somebody should have a simillar configuration to compare with. I talked to a dyno guy and he told me that they couldnt get exact Readings with an automatic transsmision. Maybe it has something to do how their dyno is setup. It feels like my combo should make more Power then it feels it does. Maybe the 2v heads limits it a bit. The dyno here was like 145 euros for 1 hour. that gives you 2 pulls. If they should start making adjustments to example ignition etc its 150 euros for each aditional hour. Regards Rob
  18. Hi Ive rebuilt my Engine and its running fine, Im gonna dyno later this autumn. What do you guys think is reasonable at the rear Wheels ? Here are the specs, it would be intresting if somebody choosed the same cam. 351c std block new bearings, cleaned up etc. over 0.30 bored 2v iron heads homeported and polished, 3 angle valve job , elgin valves std size The heads are milled to 67-68 cc for 9.5.1 compression flat pistons, sealed power pistons with valve relifes Refurbished rods and crankshaft Edelbrock Performer 2750 intake Sniper Holley EFI Long tube headders 2.5 inch exhaust H-pipe MSD distribuitor with 6al box ARP bolt on rods , heads ,etc High flow water pump and high flow thermostat robert shaw Howards Roller rockers with Crane studs, correct double springs and retainers from Howard Crankshaft polished, and balanced with damper and flexplate Camshaft Type: Hydraulic Flat Tappet Duration Exhaust: 281 Duration Intake: 281 Duration at 050 Exhaust: 227 Duration at 050 Intake: 227 Intake Centerline: 104 Lobe Separation: 108 RPM Range: 2400 to 6000 Valve Lift Exhaust: .542 FMX transmission with stall 2500 3.5 rear gears Anyone with a similar build that has dynoed ? regards Rob
  19. Ive hade this problem once, I put a vacuum handpump on the hose that ges into the carb. So it sucked the fuel all the way. Then the Engine started and run perfect. Regards Rob
  20. I finally had the FMX rebuilt by a professional. Shift kit and a lot of new stuff this was inside , the front band or what its called was totally wrecked :-) I now running it with GULF ATF Type F
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