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  1. Super thanks for the help. I Will try to find one in Sweden Regards Rob Skickat från min SM-T815 via Tapatalk
  2. Hi Thanks, If there is a 73 bumper without the rubber and vertical stuff it will do just fine
  3. I really dont like the 73 bumper with rubber parts in it. Does the 71-72 fit ? Regards Rob
  4. Hi It has a plate in tge covers so that the oil should not splash out. Ive now put a longer hose between the filter and cap. Regards Rob Skickat från min SM-T815 via Tapatalk
  5. Yes it make sense Thanks Regards Rob Skickat från min SM-T815 via Tapatalk
  6. Hi On mustang MT valve covers I have one pcv valve connected toppar vacuum the Other cap has a filter on it . Today I noticed a few drop of oil on the cover. I dont know if it comes from the filter or the sealing from the cap. If removing the filter whats the best option . Close it off or Connect another pcv valve to it and Connect it to vacuum ? Regards Rob upload picture
  7. Thats UPS , I Always tries to avoid them when shipping things to sweden. The splice is in the back of the shocktower passanger side. I Also unconnetced all wiring not needed. The wire from the unit to the handheld monitor goes direct in thru the center hole in the firewall. I spliced the wire from the MSD unit at the tachometer input so it goes out to the main harness along with the crank/ignition Cable. That was connected to the key ignition direct. The wire to the fuelpump, goes along with the fuel line on the passanger side, its protected by a nylontube. Ground Connection for the pump is taken from a bolt in the back. Later on when it will Control timing also , il just cut the wire to the tachometer and use the White wire from the MSD box. imageupload image upload Regards Rob
  8. Awesome work! Cool seeing how both you and Fabrice have used ingenuity to make your kickdowns work. (I still have yet to put mine on and am manually downshifting) As for my dieseling issue that I brought up a couple posts back, sounds like the fact I used the 12v ignition source form the old antidieseling device is the problem as it is keeping the Sniper running just a little longer after the ignition is turned off (shoutout to Fabrice for this theory). Was wondering what ignition source you used Robsweden? Hi Im using msd 6al box with msd distribuitor no vacuum advance. All the wiring is replaced with eazy wiring harness. Regards Rob Skickat från min SM-T815 via Tapatalk
  9. Okay Here are some pics, I made the levers of a bit of tubing I bent. The rest is just basic stuff I had in the garage. But it works great. Fuel pump pressure line on passanger side and return line on drivers side. I hade an aluminum bar from curtain that I used to mount the filters and pumps to The return line is direct into the goose neck. I took the neck out and drilled it. I bent a piece of metal the same shape as the tube, and drilled a hole into it. Then I fitted the AN coupler. I used alot of Silicone so when compressing the metal piece with clamps it sealed Everything. I cheap solution but it works for now. vid.mp4
  10. I finally Went with 235*55*17 all around, American REV Rims :-)
  11. Found a Picture of the calipers so now I know how the set upp should be :-)
  12. Hi Whats the difference ? the look the same, one marked 188 and one 780 no more markings. What happens if I mount them wrong ? which caliper goes where ? Regards Rob
  13. I took the car out for a spinn today, not a sound the FMX shifts as it should .. Happy...but I better stay away from burnouts.. Regards Rob
  14. Hi Fluid level is okay Il give it a try with manual shifting and see if the noise comes back. Thanks Rob
  15. Hi Only in Drive when hittinh 1800 rpm's When in parking revving the Engine no noise at all. Rob
  16. Hi Yesterday I did a strong kickdown with my mach 1 73, 351c and it took of like a rocket. I let go of the gas and after when getting around 1800 rpm there was a noice comming from the FMX transmission. The FMX is standard but with a fresh torque converter that is capable of handling 500 hp, stall 2500. I have not taken it for a spinn again, I will friday. I understand its hard to diagnos a sound like this, but has anyone encountered something simillar ? The noise was pretty low frequency, almost like a drill at lowspeed metal against metal. I have not taken away the pan yet. Regards Rob
  17. It turned out like this I also put lights under for the legs and feets :-)
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