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  1. Hi It all depends, but changing pistons is not that difficult. Tools depends, Pistonring compressor, torque wrench, the machineshop can replace the piston to the rod. Regards Rob
  2. Hi You can use flat pistons and shave the heads down to 67-68 cc. It should give you about 9.5.1 of course heads should be shave in both directions. Regards Rob
  3. Pizza cutters ohhhh I dont want that.... Whats size of rims/tyres does your car have Mister 4x4 ?
  4. Hmm Thanks I didnt thought of that ... Someone else that have the same dimensions ?
  5. Hello :-) Will American racing Wheels fit , the dimensions are 225*45 and 205*50 7*17 8*17 ET = 0 Today they are mounted on a 67. Regards Rob
  6. It arrived yesterday, I replaced the selector and now it works like it should :-)
  7. Really nice, what size are they 8 or 7 or 9, and the tires ? Best regards Rob
  8. Hi Its very simpel made. I cut away the old honeycomb, and sanded down Everything. Then I used some plastic Cable sheets, without the lid. So its bassicly like an U profile. I fastend that with pop rivets and then screw the new honeycombplastic in the U profile. For the ends I just used a heat gun and bent it. I made an new Peace of sheet metal to fit where the pony is, and some spacers in plastic. Everything then got painted black. It didnt cost much at all :-) PS Earlier I wrote that I used glue, I did but it was not strong enough. So I used rivets and screws instead. Regards Rob
  9. Hi I got in touch with thepartguy and Im buying a restored Control.
  10. Thanks ::thumb:: I trying to figure out how it looks on the inside of the plate thats missing. Bassicly it has to be 2 lanes or something
  11. After breaking it down it seems that there is a missing plastic cover. Could it be possible to fabricate something that could work ? Regards Rob
  12. Yes I was thinking of them, but the 73 bumper is thicker, I Think. So there has to be some cutting involved. Il do a mock up later today to see how it could look. Regards Rob I'm sorry, thomas1984 - I misread your comment and was thinking of the '71-'72 sportlamps... not the signal lights in the lower valance. Hey Rob, How about a set of Audi/Benz style LED DRL/Signals? Might take a bit of rewiring, but this being so low-profile, it might fit in the '73 valance opening. You might also be able to get them through a source in Europe as well. Just a thought. Sorry I keep throwing stuff out there that probably won't work - let me know and I'll stop. ;) :D No problems throw out how much you want :-) They could fit, but Im Think Im going with the original 71-72 parking lights. I must create some kind of hosing for them maybe.
  13. If the 71-72 lights will fit in here it would be nice. But it seems that the 73 bumper has Another shape ? I have also to consider Parking lights, if the car was factory with parking lights it should have them. How are the 71-72 turn light mounted ? bracket ?
  14. I think he's trying to get away from a factory-style grille altogether, otherwise he could've just bought a '71-'72 grille & sportlamps and been done. ;) :whistling: The 71-72 may be an option, but the lights with the intergrated blinkers will not clear regulations, if they not are factory standard. Has to be 18 cm between lights and blinkers. regards Rob
  15. Yes I was thinking of them, but the 73 bumper is thicker, I Think. So there has to be some cutting involved. Il do a mock up later today to see how it could look. Regards Rob
  16. Thanks :-) They have to be visible, its regulations. Maybe some round blinkers.. I really dont know yet. Maybe Il try some photoshoping to see how it could look like. Regards Rob
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