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  1. God job I routed mine in a flextube, easy to remove wires from if you want or ad wires to. But of course you can see it
  2. Hi Anyone who has the measurements of this grille ? should fit 05-09 v6 Maybe there is a why to make it fit in the 73 ?
  3. Correct the one I have has a remote Control, im thinking of hiding it somewhere. Will see :-)
  4. Looks awesome! What kind of gauges are those? I like the polished rings and uniformity - the other two gauges will look great mounted up. What are you doing for a stereo, though? Thanks :-) Does are Speedhut gauges, I also have them in the main cluster. About the stereo I dont really know yet. I have a retro stereo but I dont now if Im gonna use it. Regards Rob
  5. Thanks guys, I have an idea of what to do. But finding front blinkers that are D.O.T requirement, for sweden isent easy. The blinkers should be mounted externally. Ive decided that Im going with two smaller 6 or 5 inch round parking lights where the blinkers are located today. Im gonna put the new blinkers under the bumper instead. I Think that will look good. I also Think about blacking out the chrome on the grille to give it more deept. Upgrades will follow now Im actually waiting for a gauge so I can complete the assembly of the center dash console. Im waiting for vacuum gauge, it will go in beside the lamdba in the 2 empty holes . Regards Rob
  6. [align=justify][/align] Looks hardcore, Is that street legal ? I dont Think it could be that in Sweden.
  7. Im gonna order the net this week, Il be back with the progress.
  8. I Think the parking lights should be like 5 or 6 inch, Ive seen it but not on a mach 1. Have you made any modifications to fit the 73 grille on the 72 ?
  9. Hi Im thinking of removing the standing turn signals, and remove the center honeycomb plastic net. I will put an aluminium black honeycomb net instead and fit two rond turn/parkinglights instead. Has anyone tried this ? Regards Rob
  10. I opened up the motor, and cleaned Everything. Put it back together and now it works :-)
  11. Thanks Don C :-) Ive found this in the UK maybe it works https://parts.essexmustang.com/images/6573classicmustangpaint.jpg Regards Rob
  12. Hi I want to order a spray can with Bright red for 73. What is the color code ? I onkly need to do some touch up. Regards Rob
  13. So I hooked Everything as the wiring diagram shows. The vipers work in slow and high speed, but they do not go back to park position. So I measured the park wire and there is no Power comming from it. I switched between main in and park wire , and the vipers go to park. But when in park the battery charger I use for Power starts to make strange click noise. I Always use a 3 amp battery charger for testing stuff Before I hook up the battery. The switch is new out of the box. I didnt ground the switch but It should work anyway. Any clues ? Regards Rob
  14. Correct :) Il hope we do that some day Thanks all Regards Rob
  15. Hi I put in Crane guideplates and studs so that I could mount Howard Roller Rockers, new geometri and new pushrodlenght. Regards Rob
  16. Hi I shaved my heads on the intake side 1.3 mm on the pistons side 0.95 mm that should give you 67-68 cc. Used with flat pistons gives you around 9.5.1 No decking of the block. Regards Rob
  17. Hi I have the schematics but the colors on the motor doesnt seems to ad up right. Il have a closer look at it tomorrow Regards Rob
  18. Hi I changed the wiring to an EZ wiring harness. Now its time to connect the viper, but Im not sure which wire goes were. 4 wires going out to the viper motor, Im guessing one is low, High, return to startposition and Power ? 1 one wire is going out to the washer motor 2 wires in from Power ACC, and something else. Im only have one wire in to the switch from the EZ wiring harness. But how should it be connected. I have the workshop manual but I cannot figure it out. The switch is brand new. Help is much appreciated Regards Rob
  19. Thanks All :-) More info about the Mach It was imported to sweden 2010, original a California car. I still got the plate. I bought only by seeing Pictures of it and it looked good. But when Inspecting it closer there where a lot of things that had to be fixed. What Im done so far. Rebuilt Engine - ported 2v heads - milled the heads for 67 cc combustion chamber. Im aiming at 9.5.1 compression, maybe 370-400 hp. Complete new EZ Wiring in all electricals New shocks New gauges from speedhut Champion radiator with fan a lots of more stuff that Ive forgott already todo: New borgeson steering box and pump New Wheels and tire 72 Rear bumper New rear springs Change gear ration from 3.00 to 3.50 Change FMX to 4R70W Custom made grill taking away thoose standing turn signals New paint job I Prefer to have a car that I can trust, so I decided not going on the original path with parts and so. Some Pictures below on various stuff Regards Rob ShortMovie
  20. Thanks, and shock Tower braces are on the list :-)
  21. Ive Heard something about 5-15 % over thru HP and Torque Power. Ive done a simulation on my rebuilt 351c and it says around 400 hp in the desktop dyno software.
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