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  1. Bore the motor 0.30 if needed. Refurbish rods, polish crank. Flat tappet cam will be fine, hydraulic lifters and choose the cam after how you gonna use the car and transmission. New timing chain and gears. Electric ignition pertronix, new wires , coil Use the 2v heads they will do fine, change the valve to one piece. Mill the heads for a compression around 9.5 thats about 67.68 cc chamber Maybe a better intake RPM Airgap or similar. New bolts ARP, in critical places. Stock oil pump will be fine, arp driveshaft for oilpump, Headers. Lots of this stuff you wont even see, but feel :-) Correctly done this will produce around 350-375 hp easily and good torque for street driving.
  2. Thanks, Il be finishing up with paint and bolts this weekend I hope. Also get tubes Tig welded.
  3. Im not a welder but it took me 5 hours max. Great improvment, having a lift is helpful. Welding almost upside down is not fun. And as Omie01 says watch the gas tank.
  4. PCV is on passanger side and inlet to aircleaner on Drivers side.
  5. Im using an edelbrock Airgap with the stock/aftermarket RAM AIR aircleaner. I have allready modyfied it once when I lowered it 1 inch. Is tight but i works, if I would choose to put the bar on top the brackets the aircleaner will hit the bar and needs modification.
  6. It should be putting out 440-460 at the crank, but next year its maybe stroker time :-)
  7. The bracket is nearly finished, I need to mount ears for the Uniball.
  8. This is the bracket that will be against the firewall, correct angle and bends :-) Will drill holes and attach pieces to it so I can attach the 2 braces comming from the shocktowers.
  9. First brace/bar is ready just tached the fittings in the tube. They will be tig welded later. The airleaner fits with no problems. Today Il try to make the connection to the firewall. The bolt will be changed and everything will be painted :-)
  10. Thanks :-) It will adjustable with uniballs with steel tubing, and the back to firewall will be a custom brace. I know its a bit overkill with 10mm that what I had in store in the garage :-)
  11. Ive started to build my own, updates will follow. Started with plates on the shock towers 10mm steel :-)
  12. Fired it up and it started directly no hassle nothing. Took quick spinn around the block, now Im waiting for warmer weather. 20210227_155029_converted.mp4
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