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  1. Okay so there will be no confusion regarding the red key :-)
  2. Found one that I can use. I think I allready have this in my collection :-)
  3. Btw does anybody knows about a font to use that is the same as the one on the Original decal ? I would like to make my own :-)
  4. Its an on off killswitch for the battery, negative side :-) Thanks Its spotwelded from underneath, so the pieces that are secured to the grille support has a lip and the main plate is spotwelded against the lip. My friend used a machine to crimp the metal to get the right radius.
  5. Thanks , Il hope to get it running next week :-) That is cool way to handle the flappers, nice work.
  6. Okay the Ram Air setup is finished. I blocked the snorkel of and left the flappers open so it only sucks air from the scoops. The air cleaner filter is changed to a KN filter. The whole unit is lowered by 1 inch to make it fit the Edelbrock Airgap intake. I manage to cut away 1 inch and squeeze in a 2 inch filter. As a christmas gift to my self I bought the new Terminator X stealth with the DualSync dizzy. Il probably start the engine next week :-)
  7. Hi Is anyone running something like this. I am thinking 18 inch , but im not sure about the backspacing. 8 inch is 4.5 and 10 inch is 5.5 10 inch back for 295*35*18 and 8 inch front for 255*35*18 American Racing VN510 Draft Gloss Black Diamond-Cut Lip Wheels VN51088012300
  8. More question does it work with 351c with Edelbrock Airgap Intake and Holley 4150 DP ? Dualsync distribuitor ? Or has the baseplate need to be modified ? Thanks :-)
  9. Thanks guys Im going EFI again this time with Holley Terminator X Stealth. I have a friend that has Firebird with ramair and it was very big difference with cold air coming in all the time. It dropped some serious amount on the MAT. So I probably will be leaving them fully open and blocking the snorkel :-) or getting a tube that extends the snorkel inlet and taking air from the front.
  10. Hi Im planing to put in the Ramair kit. The snorkel that comes out on the passanger side from the aircleaner what purpose those it have. If the scoops in the hood sucks in cold air , the other one sucks in air from the engine bay. Can I just block that port so all air coming in would come from the two air scoops in the hood. Only outside temp air would get in, good bad idea ?
  11. I finally bought the 71-72 grille, I had done som mods to my old 73 grille. But now I wanted the cool look of the 71-72 :-) I bought the 71-72 grille with lamps and trim, nothing else. Im still waiting for the Bezel for the lights. Ive allready have the 71-72 chrome bumper with correct brackets. The valance plate is 73 but I have put the 71-72 blinker lights in it. Mounting the grille, the holes lines up nearly perfect. I hade to move the driver side reflector housing just 3 mm. Then all holes lined up in the grille. Next the 71-72 has a big lip, I cut the down the lip and added a trim list so that it will match the bumper. Measure twice cut once. The locking mechanism, I cut the lever in to places and welded it so that it got bent and fitted the hole in the grille. Grille support, I just redrilled 2 holes and moved forward to grille and redrilled the lower hole. I added a grille net to cover the hole between the bumper and the valance. I pleased how it turned out, lamps are not connected yet and Im waiting on the trim rings. Overall a 2-3 hour jobb. Getting the right space between the lip and bumper was a bit time consuming :- )
  12. Gear ratio is 3.50 , OD is fine from 70 km/h and up. I just tune it with the US Shift controller.
  13. I used the stock converter, but modified it. stall is around 2300
  14. I installed the 4r70w and just didnt attached any lockout rod, Has worked fine so far.
  15. Hi If you have the propotion block the valve could be stuck in there. So its always a bit pressure on the front calipers. Reagards Rob
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